Monday, February 20, 2017

Rabbit Ladders

"Stripey Purple Candy"--Monday, 2/20/17

I had originally thought of wearing a striped top + blazer + jeans combo to work (as she did in this May 2015 post), but instead decided to create a confusing weather holiday Monday outfit instead.


Nothing is more perfect for a rainy February Monday in Coldville like a puffy vest.  I left the vest off during the warmer parts of the day, and put it on for the cooler parts (as in, when the fan I had set up next to the open patio door brought in a whole lot of cool outside air).  I enjoyed wearing bright flats (no socks, whoa!) and a very bright ball necklace, which today is reminding me of the kind of sugary candy I would have eaten as a child but wouldn't eat these days.  See, I'm all grown up!  (Well, I expect that I have candy on the brain because of the Pokemon Go candy thing, so maybe "all grown up" is not quite the right characterization of my situation.)

Purple puffy vest (thrifted, Kohls), $1.75/wear
Cream/grey striped top (Kohls), $0.73/wear
Black skinny jeans (thrifted, YMI), $0.35/wear
Wild ball necklace (Macy's), $2.43/wear
Medium blue flats by Sofft, $3.50/wear

Outfit total: $8.76/wear

When I saw this photo for a new store opening on an LA rabbit-lover's style blog, I couldn't help but think of Leo and his unexpected baby-gate climb to freedom when we lived in Austin.  The market for rabbit ladders may be small, but not zero.  Now the issue is whether they will take online orders and deliver to the rabbit's home.  A bunny probably can't reliably convince their humans to shop for a ladder for them, since rabbit ladders will so often be used for rabbit mischief.  (Some people do put up rabbit "ladders" that are really ramps for their bunnies to use, however.)  Time will tell whether this store is successful.  I think they should warn customers that in addition to letting their "imagination run wild," they do risk letting their rabbits run wild as well.


In other news...I mostly managed to avoid the President's Day sales.  I am in the market for a short-sleeved white cardigan to replace my current one, as well as a white knit jacket of some kind, so I tried Loft first because I was so pleased with the fit of the items in the last order I placed with them (the one with the dark teal rabbit blouse).  And not only did they have a short-sleeved white cardigan and a white knit moto jacket, they had a navy short-sleeved cardigan and a gorgeous magenta/mint bird blouse (of the same type as the rabbit one), plus the burgundy version of the cream peplum sweater I can't get enough of...all on sale.  I hope all those items work out!

I also placed an order at Kohls, which is always dangerous, but only bought 3 pairs of black tights...which I think is a new minimum for me with online shopping at Kohls.  (It helped that as a card holder, I could get free shipping even though my total order with 30% off was only $18.)  I have ruined 2 pairs of black tights already this winter (which doesn't upset me--I'd had those tights for several years so I had gotten a lot of wear out of them already) so I was really in need of some replacements.

How did you spend your President's Day?


Jen M. said...

Oh man, I was just looking at the Lou & Grey Moto sweater at Loft but have resisted so far. I have a jersey jacket from that line which is So comfy and just a little bit structured but not too much. Oh well. I will survive :) and get my style fix vicariously through your awesome sale purchases!

Sally said...

Jen, I deeply appreciate you adding a little bit of extra meaning to this goofy hobby of mine. I live to serve. :)

Plus damn, that's a nice looking sweater--it looks very cozy.

Tam said...

Is Loft the same thing as Ann Taylor Loft?

Sally said...

Tam, yes--Ann Taylor Loft was apparently the original name of the store, which is now called just Loft.

This description of the stores under the Ann Inc. company umbrella (taken from Wikipedia) sounds about right to me:

Ann Taylor is a chain of clothing stores for women. Ann Taylor stores compete in the "better" category, with clothing targeted at affluent career women. Ann Taylor was founded in 1954.

LOFT, originally Ann Taylor LOFT, was established in 1996 as an extension of the original Ann Taylor brand, offers more relaxed fashions for work and home, in the "upper moderate" priced category. The selection provided at Loft initially was a more casual replica to that of the regular Ann Taylor, however has developed into its own brand, and now carries a unique style to cater to a new and younger crowd.

Lou & Grey sells active-wear fashion.

Ann Taylor Factory, offers reduced prices, as well as Ann Taylor Factory merchandise. The company is now moving away from Ann Taylor Factory clearance stores and are changing their stores to carry Ann Taylor Factory merchandise.

Ann Taylor LOFT Outlet, offers a LOFT-based Outlet environment, similar to the current Ann Taylor Factory stores, with unique LOFT Outlet merchandise mirrored from popular and best-selling LOFT product. There are currently 128 LOFT Outlet stores throughout the U.S.

Jen M. said...

"Lou & Grey sells active-wear fashion" -- haha. Because apparently even Loft's "more relaxed" fashions are too fancy for me 😂

Jen M. said...

(P. S. I am wearing a hoodie today and only had to change my jeans for yoga pants to take Pilates at lunch, so..... yeah)

Sally said...

Hahaha. I bet you do have coworkers in yoga pants, though! Something about the combination of Bay Area tech + physical activity company = active-wear fashion.

Tam said...

Jen's normcoring it up over there.

I had no idea they didn't call those stores Ann Taylor Loft anymore, but I haven't seen one since I moved away from Denver. Or not noticed, anyway.

Sally said...

I'm not sure whether I've ever been in a Loft store. Online, y'all, it's where it's at.