Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Side by Side

"Color of the...Well, Two Years Ago"--Wednesday, 2/22/17

In this blog post from last January, the 2015 Pantone color of the year, Marsala, is paired with black and leopard print.


After yesterday's rather hectic outfit, this seems sedate by my standards.  (Note that my pink Fitbit looks awesome in this combo.)  With the unseasonably warm weather, I had to hope that a single layer of cotton sweater wouldn't be too warm--and that turned out mostly true.  My office tends to get warm for the last hour of my work day if it is at all warm outside (like 55 F or more), and especially so when it's sunny, but with my fan running, I can usually cope.  Today I ran the fan on low all day and was very comfortable.  And then when I was halfway to my car after work, I realized I'd left my (lightweight spring) coat inside.  So tomorrow I'll be walking into work at the coldest part of the day without a jacket and back during the warmest part of the day, hopefully with one.

Black pullover sweater (thrifted, Macy's), $0.90/wear
Burgundy skirt (Nordstrom), $2.12/wear
Brown leopard scarf (Kohls), $1.66/wear
Black tights + black mary janes by Hush Puppies, $3.53/wear

Outfit total: $8.21/wear

This mini rex has gorgeous black-and-brown fur.  I'm really not familiar with this particular color in rabbits.  I wish I'd taken a photo of the sign on the cage so I would know what it's called.  Beautiful, though, by any name.  (Mottled dark chocolate?)

In other news...Have you seen this fascinating side-by-side comparison of articles that Facebook might display for conservatives vs. liberals?  That's a really terrible description, actually.  Well, they have a methodology page where they explain it, so you can check that out.

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