Sunday, February 12, 2017

Walking Ourselves into the Ground: Day 3

The Story Behind the Brown Skirt--Sunday, 2/12/17

In this post from last winter, Bridgette gives advice on how to wear colorful tights "without looking like a clown."   I have a burgundy pair that I get a fair bit of use from, but I don't think I've ever tried pairing them with beige/taupe as in this inspiration photo.


So that sounded like a great idea...until I realized I don't have a beige/taupe skirt that is winter appropriate.  (I have a light brown linen skirt.)  So I decided to wear them with the dark brown corduroy skirt I do have instead.  Because I wore them with my go-to maroon ankle boots and a scarf with burgundy/magenta in it, the tights looked just right in this ensemble, but the brown skirt was a bit out of place.  I think this would have been a more natural combination with a denim skirt instead, but oh well, good enough for a Sunday.

Blue t-shirt cardigan (Lands End), $3.75/wear
White long-sleeved T (Walmart), $0.33/wear
Brown corduroy skirt (thrifted, Walmart), $0.50/wear
Navy/burgundy birds scarf (Kohls), $1.70/wear
Burgundy tights
Maroon ankle boots by Dolce Vita, $6.70/wear

Outfit total: $12.98/wear

But wait!  I know exactly what I need to make this outfit complete.  A chocolate brown mini rex, of course.  The doubling up on dark brown would make it look a lot more intentional.  Plus she could sit on my lap all day, and even with the natural velcro of corduroy + mini rex fur, nobody would be able to tell that I had rabbit hair all over my skirt because the colors are such a match.

In other news...Today we went insane at a Magikarp nest in a park 8.7 miles from our apartment.  I am not exaggerating when I say that I caught more than enough Magikarp today to evolve a Gyarados, which is to say at least 50 Magikarp.  It was nuts.  We saw several other people on the Magikarp hunt as well, including an older guy who told us that the last Magikarp he went after turned out to be a Ditto (too bad) and a couple of young boys who were desperately eager to watch Robert and me battle an opposing gym.  It turned out that they were at the park with their mom, who was letting them play Pokemon on her phone--she had to tell them no, they still weren't strong enough to battle a gym, but they got excited and distracted by seeing a Raticate.  The younger boy kept yelling "Razzberry!  Razzberry!"  Being a mom to two young boys looks absolutely exhausting!

Also exhausting, in a different way?  Spending hours walking all over a park catching Magikarp.  Surprisingly, my legs didn't feel that tired, even after 2 days of very intense Pokemon and 1 day of moderately intense Pokemon, but my feet were very sore by the time we left.  Wearing tights instead of heavy socks contributes to that effect. 

With all the Pokemon we've been playing lately, my legs are so muscular they kind of feel like they're made of stone.

It'll be good to go back to work tomorrow and give our bodies a bit of a break!

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