Sunday, February 19, 2017

Sudden Burst of Spring

"Puff the Magic Purple Vest"--Friday, 2/17/17

I was not well prepared for a sudden increase in temperatures on Friday to an afternoon high of 49 F, so I was scrambling around on Thursday evening to decide what to wear to work.  Then I saw this outfit I had put together and realized it would work very well.  What?  Yeah, I wore the down vest as my outer layer (without a coat) in to work, then removed the vest while at work, and carried the vest tucked inside my tote bag across the parking lot after work.  With my small fan running at low speed during the last 2 hours of the day, I was quite comfortable in sweater + jeans + lightweight scarf as it turned out.  Not bad for an outfit that I had put together expecting a high temperature below freezing.  I admit that it did feel a bit odd, stylistically, to not have anything layered over or under my sweater for most of the day, but I survived.

Purple puffy vest (thrifted, Lands End), $2.62/wear
Grey pullover sweater (thrifted, Laura Scott), $1.75/wear
Bootcut jeans (thrifted, Kohls), $0.30/wear
White elephant scarf (Charming Charlie), $2.50/wear
Grey socks + grey leopard flats by Fergilicious, $0.54/wear

Outfit total: $7.71/wear

How is this for a double dose of disapproval at this unexpectedly warm weather?

In other news...With the warmer weather and the unanticipated release of 80 new Pokemon types on Thursday, it's been all Pokemon Go all the time around here.  We are taking a break this morning (Sunday) to catch up on laundry, etc., but will almost assuredly be out again after lunch.  Monday is a holiday for me but not for Robert, plus it's expected to be a rainy day, so instead of spending yet another entire day playing Pokemon, I will probably stay in and do some more outfit planning and photos.  It's a good thing I don't have any real responsibility for anything but going to work or my Pokemon Go addiction could be a disaster.


Jen M. said...

Rainy day here for our day off too. I started going through P's next size up clothes last night. He's got way more cute stuff than I do! Lol. It's hard to retire things but easier when I see that he's got plenty that he's now growing into.

Sally said...

Well perhaps there will be a Boy #2 to make use of his littler baby clothes some day... ;)