Thursday, February 9, 2017

Caffeinated Thursday

This has been a tough week since I am short at least one full night's sleep since Sunday.

"Another Day, Another Plaid"--Thursday, 2/9/17

After being a bit unsatisfied with how this blazer worked with pants, I tried it with a skirt this time--I think the proportions look a lot better this way.  I could have worn a shorter top, but this peplum one is among the comfiest tops I own, so the world will just have to deal with a bit of peplum hem sticking out. 

Cream peplum pullover sweater (Loft), $6.81/wear
Black/grey/red plaid blazer (thrifted, Fashion Bug), $3.33/wear
Dark grey skirt (Walmart), $1.71/wear
Red scarf (Target), $1.09/wear
Grey leggings
Tall grey boots by LifeStride, $6.25/wear

Outfit total: $19.19/wear

I like the versatility of a mostly grey/black/white plaid garment.  That it has a bit of red that I can bring out with a big, bright scarf is also a nice feature.

I just realized that I didn't do any pattern mixing with my plaid--how unusual!  So instead I will show you how Robert does pattern mixing--by wearing a blue morpho butterfly on his shirt.  By keeping the two items in the same color scheme, it has a pleasant visual harmony.

All photos from the butterfly house have this yellow tinge--strange.

In other news...God, the news just gets worse with each passing day, right?

But at least it's really giving SNL excellent fodder.  I liked this one.

I am excited to see high temperatures above freezing in the weather forecast for the next 10 days! 

Yeah, that's all I've got tonight.


Mom said...

Not having enough sleep is tough, especially if you have to go to work. I'm still recovering from all my sickness, so yesterday I took 2 naps. That stomach flu really took it out of me. I'm just glad you haven't come down with that!!

Sally said...

It's good when you can nap. Being sick and unable to sleep is rough.

Tam said...

Melissa McCarthy is just my favorite in all things.

Sally said...

Yeah, she's pretty much the bomb.