Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Playing Candyland

"Odd Brown and Burgundy"--Monday, 2/13/17

I loved this striking, unusual, and vibrant color combination, which Lorena described as "odd," from an August 2015 post.

From myeverydaywear.blogspot.com

Here is another--to my eye more typical--version using dusky aqua (is that a thing?) and magenta.

From shealennon.com
My outfit is based on a bright aqua sweater (more similar to the first photo) and a burgundy skirt (more similar to the second photo).  But it's winter in Coldville, so bare legs are not an option.  My instinctive choice is to wear this with grey, but I decided to give burgundy and brown another chance. 

Aqua cashmere pullover sweater (Macy's), $5.71/wear
Burgundy skirt (Nordstrom), $2.26/wear
Brown quilted vest (thrifted, Relativity), $2.25/wear
Burgundy/white geometric scarf (Walmart), $1.49/wear
Brown sweater tights
Tall brown boots by Fitzwell, $4.56/wear

Outfit total: $16.27/wear

This time I wore brown in two areas--tights and boots + quilted vest--so the brown didn't stand out from the rest.  The burgundy color is repeated in the tonally-related scarf, so that's good.  But now the aqua really, really pops against the rest, which I guess isn't a bad thing.  But this makes for a kind of strange iteration of my sweater/vest/pencil skirt/tall boots/scarf winter outfit formula.

Let's get a hop (ahem) on Valentine's Day with these kissing rabbits, who show that brown, white, pink, and blue can be a very cute combination.

In other news...I was slow on the uptake, only just realizing on Sunday evening that there was a reason the Pokemon Go Valentine's Day event features double candy.  It's like, I can't eat chocolate any more so it doesn't exist. 

Robert and I spent Monday evening taking advantage of the double candy situation by walking and kinda continuously catching Pokemon at our local Pokemon park.  I am happy that they still have all the trees lit with white lights (it's a 1 x 1 block park, so this isn't crazy) so it's both pretty and not too dark.  I was a bit surprised there was parking available given the Pokemon event and the weather being warm enough to walk outside for hours, but it seems there wasn't a hockey game/concert/other event nearby filling up the spots, and perhaps other people who walked themselves into the ground over the weekend weren't up for another evening after work.  We saw a lot more people playing from their cars than playing in the park, though there were several small groups of 2-3 young guys walking around, keeping the area a Yellow Team stronghold.


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