Thursday, March 2, 2017

Birds Blues 'n' Buns

"Puffin Along"--Wednesday, 3/1/17

The orange bill and feet of the puffin made me reach for teal green, the complementary color, supplemented with black and a bit of grey. 

Light grey puffin pullover sweater (Loft), $4.96/wear
Black tuxedo jacket (thrifted, Chico's), $0.64/wear
Bright teal skirt (JCP), $1.56/wear
Grey leggings
Tall black boots by Fitzwell, $2.06/wear
Teal-green scarf (Target), $1.00/wear

Outfit total: $10.22/wear

When I wear a jacket with this sweater, you only see the solo puffin, but behind the scenes, he's still kissing another puffin.

"Winter Blues...or, Well, Blue"--Thursday, 3/2/17

This teacher is looking pretty sharp in her blue + cognac ensemble.


My outfit has more of a soft and cozy feel, which seems nice for a day with a high of 33 F (unseasonably warm, yes, but come on, it's still on the cool side, right?).  Comfort was the order of the day as I woke up with a migraine that stayed with me on and off all day.  It was only after spending about 20 minutes outside at about 9 p.m. in the low 20s temperatures without a hat that I felt like my headache had significantly receded.  I could have stayed in pajamas or yoga pants all day, but really, it was easier and just as comfortable to wear my pre-planned outfit of knit dress, leggings, and soft cardigan.

Light blue dress (Kohls), $5.00/wear
Beige dress length cardigan (thrifted, Kohls), $1.05/wear
Brown leopard scarf (Kohls), $1.53/wear
Brown leggings
Tall cognac boots by Sam Edelman, $7.03/wear

Outfit total: $14.61/wear

Although I'm only rocking one shade of blue, I enjoyed the combination of brown shades and mix of textures in this outfit, which I think brings a bit of depth to an otherwise very simple formula.  But I continue to love the dress + long cardigan + long scarf + leggings + tall boots thing, so this isn't the last time I'll be wearing the formula this month.

An even better use of brown shades and various textures, this gorgeous Flemish giant.

I have to agree with this sentiment.

In other news...My car is back!  They tested their oil sensor fix the last two days and it seems to be working fine.  Here's hoping my driving is uneventful for the next good while.


mom said...

I had a headache today and I don't usually have them. Hope your head is doing much better.

Sally said...

Thanks, it's better, and I'm hoping to chase away the last of it with this glass of caffeinated green tea.

Sally said...

Is yours gone today?

Mom said...

Still had it on Friday. It's probably allergies. I've had sore throats and earaches, too. My sinuses are congested. Glad to hear your headache is gone. Maybe you'd stand a chance of having fun this weekend.

Sally said...

I've been using my nasal rinse more regularly lately, and that seems to help--it doesn't eliminate the sinus congestion but it helps.

I did have fun this weekend. I'm basically exhausted now...just in time to get my act together for the work week to start tomorrow!