Thursday, March 9, 2017

Utility Blouses

An Unexpected Color Combination--Monday, 3/6/17

Well, the weather didn't warm all the way up to 62 F as they said it would--it only reached 52 F--but it was still a warm day on which I didn't feel like wearing tights.  So I took advantage of the opportunity to pair my new floral/bird print blouse with ankle pants and ballet flats to work.  Of course I enjoyed the subtle pattern mixing with my leopard shoes.

*Burgundy/mint birds blouse (Loft), $25.00/wear
Maroon pants (thrifted, Lands End), $0.75/wear
Leopard flats (Nordstrom), $2.08/wear
Coral swag necklace (Kohls), $1.13/wear

Outfit total: $28.96/wear

I liked the mauve-burgundy color of the blouse with the maroon pants.  The blouse has a lot of different shades of red, including this one, and I decided to go bold for its initial outing. 

Also I just basically love these pants so almost any excuse to wear them is a good one.  Because they're thrifted, it's hard to know whether any of the current set of ponte knit pants at Lands End are the same type.

This is the second of these Loft "utility" blouses I've purchased this season.  Because I like the ones I have so much, it is tempting to BUY ALL OF THEM.  But you know, maybe I should just wear the ones I already own?

Speaking of Which...--Tuesday, 3/7/17

I used this light grey +dark grey + color outfit concept as the basis for wearing...


...light grey + dark grey + bunnies!  (And yet more grey because we are nowhere near bare-leg season.)

Cream/dark green rabbit blouse (Loft), $4.25/wear
Dark grey skirt (Walmart), $1.33/wear
Grey open cardigan (thrifted, JCP), $0.50/wear
Grey tights + grey ankle boots by Seychelles, $5.19/wear
Braided pearl necklace (Loft), $8.61/wear

Outfit total: $19.88/wear

But let's get real.  Who wore light and dark grey better?  Me or this American chinchilla rabbit and her two babies?  No, we don't even have to ask.  I have all the heart eyes for these buns.

In other news...Let's keep this cute animal theme going.  Check out these funny cat Snapchats submitted to EQ by Robert.  Do you have a favorite?


Jen M. said...

Cute cats! And bunnies. I thought cat #8 is looking very stylish.

Mom said...

Fun cat photos! I enjoyed the black cat on the black rug. You can only see his eyes!

Sally said...

I am partial to the cat in the guy's car. Is this how you get a cat? hah.

Tam said...

I like that armrest cat. Classy.

Sally said...

All nice choices...hard to go wrong!