Monday, March 27, 2017

Carpe Karpem

"Unstoppable Lavender Leopard"--Saturday, 3/25/17

Lauren has been the host of multiple month-long style challenges.  This is the outfit she wore for her December 2014 "Feeling Vest-ive" prompt.  (Luckily the puffy/quilted vest trend continues to go strong.)  Quilted vest and denim skirt is a good weekend formula.

As spring approaches yet the weather stays cold, I move more and more to wearing heavy items in lighter colors, like this lavender quilted vest--it's been a much more useful piece than I imagined when I bought it.  But I've grown kind of tired of wearing it lately, so I think I will send it back to Goodwill.

Pairing the lavender vest with my elephant scarf made a lot of sense (in color terms), but does the leopard print confuse the issue?  Are the leopard and the elephant friends?

Let's ask google!  "Are the leopard and the elephant friends"

--Check out this great, short "animal encounter" post (with photos) of a leopard and elephant meeting along the banks of the Sand River.

--This Central African tale of how the leopard got his spots features King Elephant AND Kalulu the Hare!  (I hadn't heard this story before.)

So...from these links, I'm taking that the answer is no.

Instead of the elephant scarf, I wore the blob necklace instead.

Ain't nobody friends with the Blob, of course.  But like me wearing leopard print, nothing can stop it.

And because we ended up playing Pokemon Go all day in the somewhat-chilly weather, I traded out my thick grey sweatpants (with a big rabbit on one thigh) and all weather mocs on the bottom half.  We walked almost 10 km (over 6 miles)! 

Grey leopard long-sleeved T (Apt 9/Kohls), $3.40/wear
Lavender quilted vest (thrifted, Van Heusen), $1.00/wear
Silver blob necklace (JNY), $1.93/wear
Denim skirt (thrifted, Levi's)
Grey leggings
Tall grey boots by LifeStride

Outfit total: $6.33/wear

Bonus: Here is a cute series of "unlikely animal friends" photos from National Geographic.  (Tiger/black bear head butt!)

This post is brought to you by Magikarp (and Robert's pun).  We have been pretty diligent the last couple weekends about seizing the 'karp.  On the sweatpants wearing day noted above, we walked around a large park with a river and waterfall, which was an Eevee nest but also had a lot of Magikarp.  The weekend before, we walked around a different large park that was a Magikarp nest.  With the Water Festival increasing the probability of encountering water type Pokemon in all environments, we've seen a bit of an uptick in Magikarp catchable from our apartment or along the river outside.  So it's been a good time for Magikarp catching (or what Tam referred to recently as "fishing").  I even caught a shiny Magikarp this weekend! (I was sad to read in those articles that Magikarp no longer hatch from eggs.)


Debbie said...

Magickarp reminds me of my favorite scene from the Lego Batman movie: Batman is melodramatically flopping around on the floor, and even up stairs. It is an impressive talent.

Sally said...

Hah. You know, I never saw the Lego Batman movie. But for a couple weeks there was a video screen at the mall (where we Poke-walked during very cold weather) that had an ad about that movie in which Lego Batman says "We need a kick-ass theme song." But oddly enough, I can't manage to google that clip, so I'm starting to wonder whether I half hallucinated it...

rvman said...

Yes, it was Lego Batman "We need a kick-butt theme song". I can't find the clip, I assume it was a special trailer for the mall TV vendor.

Sally said...

Ah yes, kick BUTT theme song.