Friday, March 3, 2017

You Can't Argue with Science

"Meteorological Spring Florals"--Friday, 3/3/17

My outfit was inspired by the grey jacket + orange scarf combination at the bottom right of this outfit array I saw on Pinterest.

From Pinterest

One of the bloggers I read is an atmospheric sciences grad student who mentioned on March 1 that it was the start of meteorological spring. Are you familiar with this concept? I wasn't, but here is a basic explanation.

Anyway, it's fitting that for my sartorial Winter/Spring season that I'm sporting (haha) a wool hunting jacket...

Grey herringbone hunting jacket (thrifted, Relativity), $1.69/wear
Denim trousers (thrifted, Boden), $1.05/wear
Dark grey long-sleeved top (Kohls), $1.50/wear
Coral/beige/blue floral scarf (thrifted), $3.00/wear
Grey socks + grey leopard wedges by Cole Haan, $6.60/wear

Outfit total: $13.84/wear

...and a saturated pastel (my favorite kind) floral scarf. 

And to take us into the weekend, some back-to-back Japanese action...or inaction, as the case may be.

In other news...Lately my typical daily outfit cost-per-wear has been so reasonable--under $15 for the last two weeks, for example.  Well, with my recent Loft order having arrived and a few days of warmer temperatures coming up, you can kiss the $15 cost per wear good-bye for a bit as I bring out some fun new things.

To get yourself in the spirit of dressing for warmer weather, please enjoy this smattering of snarky micro-fiction inspired by the Spring 2017 Madewell lookbook, and take a moment to be thankful you aren't any of these women (and you aren't wearing any of their outfits).


Mom said...

Gotta love the white overalls with the ripped knees. Seriously, I've never understood wearing clothes with deliberate rips in them. When my clothes rip, which isn't often, I get rid of them. Maybe I should sell them instead!

Sally said...

Yeah, that seems to be a thing that goes in and out of style. Currently, it's in.