Sunday, March 12, 2017

Spring Forward

"Queen Bun"--Saturday, 3/11/17

Be still, my beating bunny-loving heart!

I mean, seriously, this is one absolutely fabulous rabbit blouse.  Bunnies, birds, flowers, uh...horns?  That is truly a whimsical print right there.


And I like how she wore it with a herringbone tweed blazer for meeting clients.


Time for me to give my silly rabbit top an outing with my black herringbone blazer, no?  And nothing dresses it up for the weekend like this fancy crystal human necklace/bunny crown.

French bunny top (Macy's), $0.68/wear
Black herringbone blazer (thrifted, Studio 1940), $0.42/wear
Skinny jeans (JCP), $0.39/wear
Grey leopard flats by Fergilicious, $0.52/wear
Blue/crystal bib necklace (Baublebar), $4.73/wear

Outfit total: $6.74/wear

Hello Target Shoppers--Sunday, 3/12/17

For a late morning Target run with possible snow, I went with layers and rubber-soled boots.  Luckily the snow didn't start until after we got home, but it was nice to wear this outfit (with a burgundy fleece cap and scarf) without a coat.  It's always too warm inside a store when you have all your winter gear on.  It was pretty brisk venturing across the parking lot, but it was worth it to feel comfortable inside where I brought the rabbit things (since they started making their Easter merchandise available).  Note that I didn't buy all the rabbit things.  In fact, I didn't buy any of the adorable rabbit-shaped food that was available, and there was a lot of it.  I have to leave something for the Easter Bunny to do, right?

Grey pullover sweater (thrifted, Laura Scott), $1.31/wear
Navy button up shirt (Eddie Bauer), $2.50/wear
Navy quilted vest (thrifted, Kohls), $2.06/wear
Denim skirt (thrifted, Levi's), $0.50/wear
Grey sweater tights + tall grey boots by LifeStride, $5.56/wear
Chunky silver blob necklace (JNY), $2.08/wear

Outfit total: $14.01/wear

This mini lop is looking for the good stuff. 

In other news...This evening I made pepper steak using an Instant Pot recipe that my dad made a couple times when we were visiting at Christmas.  I had to call the InstaPot Recipe Hotline (i.e., my parents' house; my dad has re-branded the device InstaPot, which I have to agree is a name that rolls more nicely off the tongue) a couple of times for clarification, but it was easy to make and it turned out really fabulous.  (Yes, I taste-tested a bite...or a dozen.)  I'm looking forward to having something yummy and different from my usual for lunch at work this week.

I'm needing something to make me look forward to going to work.  Nothing against my workplace or job specifically, but somehow losing one hour of the day to the time change and several hours to shopping/cooking has me feeling like the weekend was only one day long.  And that shit ain't right!


Jen M. said...

This weekend flew by for us too. Baby hasn't adjusted to the time change yet obviously, so I've had little time to myself after getting him to sleep before realizing it's late!

Sally said...

Somehow babies and pets don't seem to adjust for this time change very well at all. What's that about.

Mom said...

I stayed up way late last night and today I'm just tired! Lucky I don't have any place I need to go, so I can veg out.

Sally said...

I stayed up about an hour late last night...not terrible, but enough to notice. Hope you vegged extra for those of us who had to go to work today!