Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Still Feeling Summery

I'm still trying to wear my new clothes, including digging into the closet for some thrifted summer items that I hadn't yet worn (time is definitely running out).

Summery Beige

It's very easy to find nice knee-length (or slightly longer) summer-weight cotton, somewhat full skirts (usually with a thin cotton lining) at Goodwill.  I bought several this summer, and didn't wear all of them.  I like the hot-pink detailing on this skirt, which I had to match with my beige shoes with hot-pink contrast stitching.  This shrug I bought at Target has turned out to be a real workhorse, which surprises me.  And check out this Germany-trip pendant.

Is that a cheerful-looking frog, or what?

New items:
*"Hot coral" t-shirt from Target
*Full skirt with leaves (thifted, Target brand)
*Germany frog pendant

A Darker Look

I like this dress--it has pretty black detailing stitching around the hem and around the neck, but the armholes are gigantic enough that you can see my bra from the side (it has flutter sleeves).  So I decided to wear it like a skirt underneath a cardigan.  I have often seen people recommend belting a cardigan, but it always looked wrong and felt uncomfortable when I tried it.  However, I like the way it worked here.  I think a lot of that is because I am using a wide belt that is elastic for most of the distance around, so it's not so stiff, and because it's the same color as the cardigan, the look is not so severe.  Robert said that the top looked Grecian (due to how I folded over this non-closure sweater).

New items:
*Blue dress (thifted, Target brand)
*Black belt from Target
*Black Mary Janes from Hush Puppies--I bought these to replace my old pair of black Hush Puppies Mary Janes that didn't fit quite right anymore.  The idea of Sally without black Mary Jane shoes is unthinkable.  Almost as inconceivable as Sally without an olive green military-style jacket.

Flower Power #1

New items:
*Flower sleeveless tank (already forgot where I got it)
*Purple shrug from Target

Dressed for a Walk

I knew I needed to dress cool when Robert and I walked to the library and the new Whole Foods because it was over 80 degrees.  (I actually changed into a pair of olive sneakers for our walk, but wore these pretty, completely flat Chinese Mary Janes that have no support around the house because I could not resist how their shimmery quality matched the shirt.)

New item:
*Olive knit shirt (thifted, Chico's "Traveler" series)

Flower Power #2

Yep, another lightweight cotton skirt from Goodwill.  We're expecting a cold front later in the week, so I need to wear my really summery stuff now.  Today it's supposed to be warm and I'm going to be sewing this afternoon, which means having a bunch of warm lights on in my office--this often overheats me so sleeveless is the way to go.  (On and off today I've been wearing it with that same black cardigan I had on in the blue dress photo.)  I started to wear this with a pink shirt, but I'm feeling a bit burned out on bright pink right now.  I love how the shoes have black and pink detailing to match the skirt.  Note that I am not actually wearing pink hose today despite the appearance of such in this photo.

New items:
*Flowery skirt (thifted, Kohl's brand)
*Black sleeveless shirt (thifted, not willing to take it off right now to see the brand)

I also discovered this week that it's a pain in the ass to have only two white t-shirts.  Finding white t-shirts that are not so sheer as to require a camisole underneath is oddly difficult, and I refuse to wear a camisole under a frickin' t-shirt--that's just ridiculous.  I mean, I basically don't buy stuff that requires a camisole even for wearing to work.  I've ordered several different ones to try out, and so far have had luck with one I got on sale from Nordstrom.  We'll see if any of the ones from Macy's work out.


mom said...

You look fab in all your photos. I really enjoyed the florals. I loved the frog necklace.

jen said...

Cute stuff!