Tuesday, October 22, 2013

And Yet More Cardigan Action

Green and Wild

I've been looking for work-compatible (i.e., business casual, I guess) pants that are not black or grey (the typical colors) or tan (because I dislike tan pants on myself), and I found these very dark forest green ones.  But they basically look black in the photo, of course.  It was hard to decide what to wear with them, so I went for my go-to: wear black and add a scarf.

In this close-up, you can see the colors a bit better.  Perhaps a bit crazy-looking, but I can be like that.

New items:
*Black argyle cardigan (thrifted)
*Black t-shirt from Target
*Dark green pants from Kohl's

Shades of Brown

For the cold, wet weekend, something comfy was in order.

The scarf is a kind of gigantic one that I bought at Target -- I had wanted a brown and black scarf that is not leopard print (so that I could wear it with leopard print and not look overwhelmingly catlike), so I got a different animal print (in a way) instead.

New items:
*Horse scarf from Target
*Brown mary jane shoes from Wal-Mart (see, I haven't stopped my Wal-Mart comfortable mary jane habit yet)

Red and Leopard

I think red and leopard together are the bomb.  And you know what?  I don't think any of these items are new/previously unworn (I thought maybe the belt, but no, I wore that at my cousin's wedding), but whatever.  I still liked it enough to share.

I decided to wear the necklace my parents gave me when I graduated with my master's degree.  It's so sweet.

Birdy Goodness

I am finally wearing this bird shirt that I blogged about when I bought it.  The teal matches one of my new cardigans perfectly.  Excellent.  Man, I really do need to shorten these grey pants; they're even too long with my leopard print wedges.

New item:
*Navy bird shirt from Nordstrom

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mom said...

I like the red with the leopard print and black jeans. It was nice to see the necklace again.