Saturday, October 5, 2013

The Source for Basic White T-shirts

After striking out on my first attempt to find a white t-shirt, on my mom's recommendation, I tried Lands End, and all the t-shirts I got were wonderfully thick enough to wear on their own without a layer underneath.  (In my world, a white t-shirt is the layer that you wear underneath.  Duh.)

I can vouch for this short-sleeved one and this long-sleeved one.  I got both V and crew versions, for a total of 6 white t-shirts.  This is something I always run out of (both in the sense that I seem to want to wear one before my current ones are washed and that they get stained so must be thrown out), and I figure that if I over-purchased, a comfortable white t-shirt is a great all-purpose sleep shirt.

I did not get any colors other than white this time, but they have a pretty wide selection.  I like that they come in regular, petite, and plus sizes, and they're only $10 and $12 (about $5 more for plus) -- and you can save 30% on top of that using a coupon code.

You'll be seeing these shirts in blog posts to come.


Tam said...

I like Land's End very much for these kinds of staples.

Sally said...

Yeah, they're really reliable for these things; not sure why I didn't think of them right away.

Debbie M said...

Yes, it's very hard to find white (and yellow) in an opaque shirt. I have some LLBean, but they are shorter than I like (I tuck mine in). These look nice and long. Wonder if they'd fit me.

Tam said...

The amount of see-through items at some stores is really frustrating. I don't really get who these women are who are buying so many see-through business casual shirts.