Wednesday, October 30, 2013


OK, my scarf portmanteau is not as good as this pun, but it's what I've got for you.

There are a million references online with tutorials for showing you how to tie scarves, but I basically just fake it.  A couple times this week I faked it by turning a regular (lightweight) scarf into an infinity scarf by the simple expedient of tying the ends together to make a big loop -- a faux infinity scarf, or fauxfinity scarf.  Then I just wrapped this loop around my neck twice and it's done.

Fauxfinity 1

The whole reason I tried this fauxfinity scarf approach was because I enjoyed the bright colorblocking of the blue cardigan and "hot coral" T-shirt and didn't want to obstruct it with the draping ends of a scarf.

The more I wear this Lands End cardigan, the more I like it.  I love the blue color, the drapey-but-not-clingy fabric, and the subtly swingy cut.

And yes, I doubled up the animal print (broadly defined) by wearing both leopard print shoes and a scarf with a sweet owl print.  (And may I say, woo Rice Owls, 6-2 so far this season!)

New item:
*Owl print scarf

Fauxfinity 2

I tried the fauxfinity scarf again when I wore this pattern mixed outfit that I wanted to show off.  I thought the combination of stripes and flowers worked pretty well (perhaps because they were both black-and-white and thus not as visually jarring as if they were different colors as well).

I'm not usually a footless tights person in everyday life -- I bought and wore these on our Yellowstone trip this summer when Target didn't have a pair of black leggings.  Footless tights have the advantage over footed ones in that you can wear them with your regular hiking/athletic/whatever socks directly against your feet for superior comfort, sweat wicking, etc.  I know they are popular with dancers, too -- and see, I paired them with ballet flats so it's all good, right?

New items:
*Black floral skirt (thrifted)
*Black ballet flats by LifeStride -- I haven't tried these on an extended walk yet, but they are so cushy and comfortable to wear (and do have some support).  They are made from a soft, flexible man-made material instead of leather, which means that they are bunion-friendly in a way that many ballet flats (that cut right across that part of the foot, putting uncomfortable pressure on it) are not.  (Writing this, I was inspired to go over to Zappos and let future shoppers there know this, too.)


mom said...

The owl print scarf is adorable and I love the colors, too.

jen said...

Nice tights :)