Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Hercules Grapples With a Common Question

Confused about this issue, Hercules the clueless clownfish asks a mermaid.

She has demonstrated herself time and again to be a caring, patient person, so it's not unreasonable that Hercules approaches her first.  (But it's too bad that he is asking about this of woman who is a bit on the over-protective side who is also a being without any obvious reproductive organs.)

He tries very hard to make sense of this response.  (Confused Hercules is freakin' adorable.)

This line of thought takes him nowhere, so he branches out and asks others about the origins of babies.  Really not helpful, guys.

Cue rimshot.

Now here's a piece of information from a shark that's both true and potentially enlightening...

but Hercules attempts to understand it in light of the other disinformation he's received.

Oh, Hercules -- you should have asked Sally!


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