Sunday, October 20, 2013

Animal Print Shoes

I think my search for animal print shoes is over.  I tried about a dozen pairs to find the ones I wanted.

Leopard Print Smoking Slippers

I was surprised by how many shoes had a somewhat unattractive leopard print -- either the colors were off, or the print was too big, or something.  I also really wanted some that had both brown and black in the mix, but primarily black.  Finding one that had an appealing print and shape in addition to meeting my fairly high comfort standards was challenging.  When I tried these on, my feet said, Ahhhh.  I think the pattern is gorgeous, and the shape is a nice change from a ballet flat. 

I did not intentionally wear this hot pink cardigan to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but I suppose that was just a bonus.  It was also accidental that the somewhat wild dotted pattern of the shirt echoed the animal print shoes (I picked it because it had hot pink in it, and I knew I wanted to wear leopard print and the hot pink cardigan), but I liked the effect.

New items:
*Leopard print smoking slippers by Clarks
*Wild dotted knit shirt (thifted, Target brand)

Double Cat Print

While looking for brown/black leopard print shoes online, I came across these grey wedges and fell in love with their look.  My job interview heels are also Cole Haan with Nike Air technology, so I already knew that it was a surprisingly comfortable line of shoes -- and with these being wedges, I expected that to be even more the case.  My sister wore a pair of nude wedges at our cousin's wedding this summer and I became intrigued by them.  When I had the chance to buy a pair of black ones at the thrift store, I did so to try them out in terms of comfort and was astonished by how stable they were and how much not like wearing heels.  (Granted, I won't go above about 2" for a pair of wedges, but wedges seem more stable at a given height than even comfortable heels.)  When I tried them on, I was sold.

I decided to wear them with another dose of animal print in the form of this lightweight cat print scarf.

Add a lace top that I had purchased with the plan to wear it to that same cousin's wedding this summer (the skirt I finally decided on had a white background so I decided against this cream one in favor of the other top I bought at the same time) and a cardigan, of course, and voila.

New items:
*Grey animal print wedges by Cole Haan
*Cream lace top from Target


mom said...

Love the shoes! And the cat scarf. You can still get that leopard print jacket from Land's End if you feel a need for more leopard print.

Sally said...

Re: the leopard print jacket -- one thing I learned early on in my tenure in Snow City is that if it's cold enough you want to wear down, it's cold enough that you want your ASS COVERED. (This was one of many spot-on pieces of advice from the Already Pretty blogger.) Unless I'm going to be doing major winter sports, where I need serious mobility (and note: I do not do these things), I will be wearing a down coat that reaches my knees...or lower.