Monday, October 14, 2013

A Good Time for It

I've sick and very low on energy for several days now -- I've been spending time curled up with crossword puzzles, playing Fate (technically, Fate 2), and starting to re-read the Thomas Covenant books for the first time.  I was out of books from the library, and in my sick and grumpy state, this seemed to fit the bill.  I am somewhat surprised that I have only read the books (well, the first 6; I haven't read the third set) once, a very long time ago, even though I've held onto them through many, many moves and associated book purgings.  I'm enjoying reading the first one with only a memory of the premise, a couple of the characters, and a sense of the protagonist's character.  The actual plot keeps taking me by surprise.  The events are darker than I remember (though obviously not a match for the Gap series, my favorite books by this author).

In requesting some new books from the library this morning, I decided that it was time for me to start reading the Horatio Hornblower series.  I've been saving this option for a time of need (or as it would be stated in a Stephen Donaldson novel, a time of exigency), and I think that time has come.

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mom said...

I've always liked the first Thomas Covenant book best. Stephen R. Donaldson is a very verbose writer, so the rest of the books are more tedious reading. But, I read them all! Have a good time re-reading.