Monday, October 7, 2013

And More New Stuff

Red, White, and Blue #1

I wanted to try out this mixed-media shirt I bought from Nordstrom that is a drapey woven material in the front and a knit in the back.  (Is this a shirt version of a mullet?  Business in the front, a party in the back?)  Despite the modern shirt, the overall look appears to be from the 1950's.  That's OK.

New items:
*Red mixed-media shirt from Nordstrom
*Blue cotton skirt (thrifted, Old Navy)

But I quickly got too cold and had to add a thrifted cotton blazer (Old Navy).

Blurry Olive and Cream

This is a terrible photo of an outfit that I liked a lot -- the textures of the sweater and skirt were interesting.  (Not sure why I'm so shaky when I try to take my photo sometimes but it leads to really bad photos.)

New items:
*Cream wool-and-lace sweater from Nordstrom (on sale for $30!)
*Embroidered olive cotton skirt (thrifted)

Apres Interview

When I got home from my interview on Friday, I left on the shirt and jewelry I was wearing and just put on other clothes to go with them.

New item:
*Flowery blouse from Kohl's

When I got (inevitably) chilled in short sleeves, I added the cream lace cardigan.  (I love this thing.)

Burst of Color

It had been two days in neutrals, so it was time to get colorful again.

New item:
*Flowery peasant blouse (thrifted, Old Navy)

And you can already see this coming, right?  I added a cardigan.

Red, White, and Blue #2

My new t-shirts from Lands End arrived, and viola, not see-through.

New item:
*White t-shirt from Lands End

But I didn't even pretend for a minute that I wasn't going to need more coverage for warmth's sake; it was rainy and chilly this weekend.  Back to the Sally stand-by "Add Cardigan and Scarf" formula.

Leopard Goodness

I am crazy about leopard print, and today I finally wore my new leopard cardigan.  I had tried so many different ones, but this one (despite having a crew neck, not my preferred neckline on a cardigan) was tops.  (And yes, I like leopard and maroon together.)

New items:
*Leopard print cardigan from Lands End
*Black buckle flats from Nordstrom (Me Too brand; these are the sisters of the red flats I've been wearing)

I did not bother photographing this, but in an amusing inversion of the week's pattern, during the middle of the afternoon, the sun was out and it got warm enough in the apartment that I removed the cardigan and cranked up the A/C.  About 45 minutes later it was cool enough to put the cardigan back on, unbuttoned (though really, I would have been perfectly comfortable without it, I wanted to wear it, damn it!).

In other wardrobe-related news, I started working on an outfit database in Access this afternoon with the thought that it would be nice later to be able to do a search on different colors (e.g. red and blue), individual items (e.g. Lands End leopard cardigan), etc., and retrieve photos of outfits meeting these criteria.  I haven't used Access in its last couple incarnations, so I thought that this would also be a possibly helpful refresh/update of my skills.  I put the tables together easily, and the part that I expected to be harder (incorporating the photos) turned out to be very straightforward in Access 2010.  But man, it's been a while since I've made a form and the interface feels different from what I remember.  Tomorrow I'm going to have to pull out my Access Bible and get back to basics.  Good times. 


Debbie said...

It's fun to use work skills for your own self. That project would be good for insurance purposes, too.

I've been enjoying these fashion posts.

mom said...

Great looking outfits!