Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The End of the Warmth

Here are a few outfits I wore during what seems to have been the last gasp of summer last week.

80 Degrees

I would have liked to do something more interesting with this brown skirt, but when it's this warm, minimal is better.  (Note that this is not my new Lands End white shirt, but an old one of thinner material that I had previously hemmed to be more skirt-compatible.)  God, it looks weird and boxy with my arms up! 

New items:
*Brown cotton skirt (thifted, Ann Taylor)
*Brown flats (thrifted, American Eagle)

Pink and Blue, True Gold

(KSAL listeners might recognize those as lyrics from a Mountain Goats song.)

I liked the coral drapeneck top I got at Lands End so much that I ordered another one.  And they're still on sale!  In solid ($6), striped ($7), and polka-dotted ($7, or $9 plus size) versions (limited sizes).  I'm having to resist the urge to buy some more colors (I really have enough short-sleeved knit shirts).  The top does run a bit large, but I ordered in my normal Lands End size and I liked the fit.  The fabric is fluid enough that it drapes.

New item:
*Striped drapeneck shirt (Lands End)

Finally These Shoes

I have been stalking the Julianne flat by Born for about 6 months.  I tried the black ones from Zappos during my big "finding black shoes to wear with a suit" hunt and I really liked the fit and comfort, but sent them back when I found some comfortable heels that were dressier and more interview appropriate.  I liked several of the other colors, but they were $90, which was higher than I wanted to spend.  Last week, Eddie Bauer had them on sale for $50 plus an extra discount code, so I snatched up this purply-pink pair for $35.  (I am currently resisting the urge to spend $50 on a pair of gold ones.)  I purchased the t-shirt from them on sale also and was happy to see that the purple color matched the shoes.

New items:
*Julianne flat by Born (Eddie Bauer)
*Flowery t-shirt (Eddie Bauer)

For the last several days, it's been rainy and cool and I've been sick, so I've been wearing slight variations on the t-shirt, jeans, cardigan, and scarf combinations you've already seen.

I'm actually doing a bit better today.  Instead of waking up at 7:30 (in anticipation of my alarm, whether I've set the alarm or not -- it only takes me about 2 days to adjust to a given wake-up time) and then falling back asleep for a couple more hours, I woke up and got out of bed within about 10 minutes.  And then did 45 minutes on my exercise bike, the first exercise I've had (other than dragging myself up the stairs in the apartment) for several days.  I'm kind of tired now, but I'm clearly over the hump of this thing.

Yesterday I had a stomach ache so I tried some ginger tea that I had purchased a while back that is supposed to be good for your stomach.  And not only did it help relieve the stomach ache, it actually tasted pretty awesome.  Apparently ginger root and black pepper make a nice combination -- it was an herbal tea with a bit of a kick.  I would drink this stuff whether I had a stomach ache or not.


jen said...

I'm trying hard not to be tempted to do some shopping with all your posts :)

Sally said...

Hah, maybe you can be satisfied vicariously...?