Thursday, January 19, 2017

Sidewalk Success

"Marooned"--Thursday, 1/19/17

I like to look at outfits women in more temperate climes wear with coats and substitute a blazer or other indoor layer to make it Coldville appropriate.  In this example from December 2014, a black dress + red coat are the basis of a black dress + maroon blazer outfit.


Adding a blazer to a dress with 3/4 length sleeves is particularly helpful this time of year.

Black knit dress (Kohls), $5.76/wear
Maroon blazer (Lands End), $3.00/wear
Burgundy/white geometric scarf (Walmart), $2.24/wear
Black leggings
Tall black boots by Fitzwell, $2.33/wear

Outfit total: $13.33/wear

Unlike the inspiration photo, I am not taking a gigantic blanket scarf and trying to constrain its volume.  With dresses, my favorite style is a relatively lightweight, long scarf, tied once with the ends free to dangle. 

Meanwhile, this Polish rabbit is all, Who you calling messy?

In other news...This is just so dumb on so many levels.

The ice was mostly melted on the sidewalks in our neighborhood today (though there were huge puddles of water/slush to be avoided at certain intersections), so we took a nice Pokemon walk--I'm not sure how long, but over 5 km since I hatched a 5 km egg I picked up.  It wasn't that cold either (I mean, in the mid to high 30s, which when you're properly suited up really isn't cold at all because it's not cold enough to make your mostly unavoidably exposed skin freeze).


Jen M. said...

I couldn't believe that homework assignment was for real. And from this century.

Sally said...

Right?? Crazy. You'd think my ability to be shocked and outraged would have been drained by now from all the Trump madness but nope, still happening.

I'm sure there are a bunch of people in Utah thinking, Great, thanks for making us look like we're all misogynist asses AGAIN.