Saturday, January 21, 2017

Coming into the Weekend

"Invested in the Navy"--Friday, 1/20/17

Winter Casual Friday outfit inspiration with burgundy sweater and jeans.  (Shivering optional.)


I initially thought about wearing a button up shirt with my sweater, but (1) my sweater isn't really big enough to wear something that stiff under it comfortably, (2) I am increasingly unwilling to fuss with a button up shirt layered under a sweater, which tends to bunch up and generally require a lot futzing, and (3) I have a new-ish navy quilted vest that is a much easier and more comfy choice.  I was really pleased with how this turned out.

Burgundy cashmere pullover sweater (Macy's), $5.33/wear
Bootcut jeans (thrifted, Kohls), $0.33/wear
Navy quilted vest (thrifted, Kohls), $4.12/wear
Navy/pink floral scarf (Kohls), $2.79/wear
Leopard smoking slippers by Clarks, $1.72/wear

Outfit total: $14.29/wear

I am especially happy with the subtle pattern mixing here and with how the warm tone of the orange-brown leopard print shoe works with the warmer peach/coral color that appears in some of the flowers.

This is one of my favorite bird photos yet--a blue jay with an acorn in his beak, sitting on the fence in my parents' yard.  (It seems weird to see a photo from December with all that greenery and no snow in the background!)  Aren't his wing and tail feathers amazing?  Blue jays are such pretty birds--they're just so common that we don't always really look at them.  But when you take the time to fully take one in, they're gorgeous.

"Not a Trench Coat"--Saturday, 1/21/17

This was an unusual combination of full-skirted black dress + black moto jacket.


When Robert first saw me in this outfit, he said, "At first I thought that you were wearing a trench coat."  A long black drapey ensemble can be tricky that way, I guess.

Black faux wrap dress (thrifted, Walmart), $2.50/wear
Black moto jacket (JCP), $1.41/wear
Black leggings
Tall cognac boots by Sam Edelman, $7.91/wear
Red/pink/black peacock scarf (gift)

Outfit total: $11.82/wear

And check it out--you can finally see my new scarf!  (I haven't tried playing up the blue in the scarf in one of my outfits, but I will be doing so.)  You can also see close up that I have some different textures going here with the knit dress and nubby jacket.

One thing I don't have in my look, however, is something so smooth that it makes you want to learn a new word for "sleek."  This mini satin is all about that.

In other news...I thought these photos of Women's Marches across the country were cool.

Predictably, my day involved a Pokemon March instead.


Mom said...

That is such a great photo of the blue jay. Wonderful view of the detail of feathers at the back.

Sally said...

Thanks! I'm glad that the zoom on my camera can pick up these details.

Jen M. said...

Glad to see the scarf made it in a post! :)

Sally said...

Me too, it was weird how I was always wearing it in impromptu outfits.