Thursday, January 26, 2017

Headache Blues

I was home today with a migraine (that started yesterday afternoon at work), but I am finally posting my outfit/blog entry from yesterday as my headache has receded just enough to look at the computer for a short period of time.

"On the Grid"--Wednesday, 1/25/17

Black, white, and cobalt (Tardis) blue are a terrific color combination.  I was particularly taken by the grid print top + cobalt bottoms on the right.


My version had to incorporate my grid blazer and cobalt skirt, of course, and I couldn't resist a splash of extra color and pattern mixing with this floral scarf.  While my outfit isn't as modern and chic as the original, it worked well for a random Wednesday work day.

Cobalt blue skirt (eShakti), $4.38/wear
Black short-sleeved T (thrifted, JNY), $1.31/wear
Black and white grid blazer (thrifted, Target), $1.00/wear
Black tights
Black ankle boots by Sam Edelman, $2.06/wear
Black/blue/orange floral scarf (Kohls), $1.60/wear

Outfit total: $10.35/wear

This bunny is a master at seeming very attentive to what is being said around him while taking a nap.  Multi-tasking, rabbit style.  I might or might not have channeled a bit of this approach in a pre-lunch meeting today.

In other news...When I read the following paragraph of this article, I was like, Oh God, that explains so much.

The president spent a part of Tuesday poring over artwork from the White House collections, settling on a portrait of Andrew Jackson — America’s first populist president, who has been invoked by Mr. Trump’s aides as inspiration — to hang in the Oval Office.

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