Monday, April 3, 2017

We'll Always Have Paras

After a weekend split 50/50 between playing Pokemon Go and sitting in my comfy chair watching a stream of New Girl episodes as a distraction from being sick, it was really hard to go to work this morning, even drinking a glass of caffeinated iced tea almost immediately upon waking up.  It also was definitely NOT the easy introduction to Spring Break week that I'd hoped.  Oh well, it will get better from here, right?  RIGHT?

Meanwhile, I'll continue playing catch up...

"Vest Week #4: Long Quilted Dress"--Thursday, 3/30/17

This is a combination I've not tried before--a dress with a quilted vest.  I used the reverse side of my zebra vest because it's longer than my plain black dress for a slightly different look from Wednesday's more moderate length vest.  I admit that I'm not 100% sold on the look.  I think there was something ever so slightly weird about the matching red arms and upper legs against all that black.  But I was tickled by the way the two-tone flats worked with the grey/black scarf, so overall, it was a perfectly fine outfit.  Another plus: it was extremely comfortable.

Coral red dress (Lands End), $5.40/wear
Black quilted vest [reverse of zebra vest] (thrifted), $0.84/wear
Grey/black/red birds scarf (gift)
Black tights + black suede captoe flats (thrifted, Skyler), $0.70/wear

Outfit total: $6.94/wear

Of course, it's hard to mix grey and black to match the classic chic of a Champagne d'argent rabbit.

Looking effortlessly fabulous since the mid-1600s

In other news...After a hard day, it was fun to revisit this wonderful video in which Maru "tries on" various wigs (sent by Robert).  A nice demonstration of how you get a box-loving cat to test out different (yarn) hairstyles.  Mom, I will be curious about your reaction to this--does it disturb your dressed-up-pets sensibilities?

Today's post was brought to you by Paras, which is not French and does not date to the 17th century.  I didn't realize until reading the description below that it is named for the parasitic mushrooms it grows on its back.  That's...well, creepy, actually.  But she's cute!  In the spirit of Maru's hair-do video, I'm going to choose to think of those bumps as a Princess Leia hair style.  (When I told Robert that I wanted to see Maru in a Princess Leia hairdo, he said, "Of course for you it's all about the buns."  Can't say he's wrong.)


Mom said...

The Mary video wasn't there, so I couldn't watch it.

Sally said...

If you click on the link, it will take you to a site with the video embedded.

mom said...

Okay, got to see it. I don't mind the dressed up cat if the cat enjoys it, but that almost never happens. I saw the cat's tail twitching quite a bit, which can be a tip off that they aren't happy. At best, this cat tolerated the wig thing.

Sally said...

I hadn't noticed that--thanks for your observations/perspective.