Saturday, April 22, 2017

I Pre-Furret

"Blazing Blush"--Wednesday, 4/12/17

The black skirt with a white pattern reminded me of an embroidered skirt that I haven't worn in a long time.  But when I went to get it out of the closet, I realized that I'd rather wear my black and white space dye skirt...pretty much any time.  So the embroidered skirt went into the donation pile, even though embroidery continues to be very trendy.  Anyway, I paired the preferred skirt with a light pink blazer and my burgundy peplum top to play off the color combinations in this inspiration photo.


I admit, this made for a kind of incoherent outfit with the sleek professional blazer and the casual knit skirt.

Light pink blazer (thrifted, Kasper), $2.25/wear
Black space dye skirt (Old Navy), $1.00/wear
Burgundy peplum sweater (Loft), $8.72/wear
Black tights + maroon ankle boots by Dolce Vita, $5.86/wear
Orange/pink/green Moroccan scarf (Charming Charlie), $1.75/wear
Gold tassel necklace (Kohls), $0.80/wear

Outfit total: $20.38/wear

But these maroon ankle boots are so kick ass that they make up for a lot (...or they make the outfit even weirder...or both).  The scarf also helps on the sartorial obfuscation front.

The Sartorial Obfuscation Front: dedicated to "sewing" confusion since 2016!

In other news...Emails!  No, you haven't traveled back to the time people were ignoring Donald Trump's behavior to focus on Hillary's emails.  But if someone sent you an email about that a few months ago that you haven't yet responded to, there's no need to apologize for the delayed response.

But if you do want to apologize, here are some examples to follow.

A few weeks ago, I responded to a bunch of emails from Tam (and yeah, I implicitly apologized for the delayed response by saying I felt like a dick.)  In the end, I decided to characterize her getting a bunch of responses like a few weeks after sending the emails as: "Just pretend it's the 19th century and I am living overseas and a bunch of letters to you got piled up on the same boat, I guess."

So fundamentally this post is about emails and time travel, it turns out.  And the color pink.  And bunnies!  Because: BUNNIES!  They're wondrous cuteness is not just for Easter.

This post was brought to you by Furret, an animal that begins life as a lagomorph and then evolves into...well...a furry ferret creature that can "slickly squirm through narrow spaces."


Jen M. said...

I feel like I either respond to email right away or it's way longer than I planned. One time it took me a year... I never got a response from the other party. Oops. Luckily that was an outlier.

Sally said...

OK, people, ONE YEAR to respond to an email is now the number to beat! ;)

Tam said...

And now, weeks later, you are getting a bunch of blog comments from me as I finally catch up on your blog. (I loved getting all those old email responses, btw!) One of the other people in my RSS feed keeps posting semi-pornographic images that deter me from checking my feed at work, and my at-home computer time tends to be limited these days. Tsk tsk.

Sally said...

Boo on semi-pornographic images displayed to you against your preferences!

Tam said...

I don't really mind the images, but one tries to avoid that sort of thing at work.