Friday, April 7, 2017

Feeling Krabby, As Usual

"Blue Monday"--Monday, 4/3/17

Oh, Monday, how do I hate you?  Let me count the ways...or not.  Because my list is no different from any person with a typical M-F full-time office job.  But this past Monday was definitely one of the tough ones.

Today's inspiration photo puts a light blue dress with black and white blazer, black tights, and black ankle boots.


I thought her rather minimalist combination was very chic, but I feel more me with a long scarf that pattern mixes with my outfit.  So there you go.

Light blue dress (Kohls), $3.33/wear
Black and white striped/polka dot blazer (thrifted, Jessica London), $1.67/wear
Black tights + black ankle boots by Sam Edelman, $1.70/wear
White/blue/green paisley scarf (Target), $0.67/wear

Outfit total: $7.37/wear

Hearing about this whole human "Monday" concept, this Polish is incredulous.  Why do we do it to ourselves?

In other news...Some older articles I've been sitting on, to take your mind of current political news.

(1) Lies you've been told about making a living

(2) Everyone likes flex time but we punish women who use it

(3) A diet rich in fruit and vegetables outweighs the risk of pesticides (hat tip: Tam)

This post was brought to you by Krabby and all Mondays that are harder than they seem like they should be.  Glad that today's Friday.  Hello weekend!


Mom said...

Sigh, flex time is yet another area where women get screwed over.

I couldn't read the article about fruits and vegetables. I need to be a subscriber.

Sally said...

The quick summary of the veg article as I remember it is that despite all the hysteria about eating organic, you're still way better off eating conventionally grown fruit and veg than if you eat less produce that is organic. The health benefit of fruit and veg is too important to let not being able to find/afford organic stop you from eating it.

Debbie said...

On the job article, I like #2, there's no perfect job. My philosophy is that jobs are things that people are willing to pay other people to do either because the job is horrible or because the person doesn't know how. (And now I would add because the person doesn't want to take the time.). So ideally, you find something you like to do that most people don't like or that you want to learn how to do that most people don't.

#4, about starting a business, has never tempted me, but I think that for some people who have trouble getting hired (like ex-cons) or fitting into most corporate culture (like ADD folks), it can be something to think about.

#10 about money bringing happiness kind of makes me angry. "Now, it is true that money will make you happier up to a point, since you won’t be worried about putting food on the table or having a roof over your head. Around $75,000 per year seems to be the magic number, according to Princeton economists." How many people make 75K per year? Way, way less than half of Americans. I'm reminded of the song lyrics, "Ain't no money in poetry; that's what sets the poet free. I've had all the freedom I can stand." (That said, I've been great with much less money--and no dependents at all and no expensive medical or other problems.)

Sally said...

Yeah, I think we (by which I mean, privileged educated people) are at risk of putting too much of ourselves into work, which definitely affects #2.

I hear you on #10. It's interesting...several years ago, the number bandied about was $40,000 per year, but lately I've been seeing numbers more like that $75,000. This is out of reach for most, but I think that it's relevant to people deciding whether to take their professional job to the next level of responsibility/time investment/pay.

Debbie said...

That's true. I've always resisted moving into supervisory positions that looked like no fun at all just for a bunch of extra money. (I did apply for one once, just to make sure that they wouldn't hire someone worse than me to be my new boss.) I generally prefer doing the work I originally signed up for. So I suppose if they hadn't put a number on the comment on #10, I wouldn't have had a problem with it!

Sally said...

"Just to make sure that they wouldn't hire someone worse than me to be my new boss"--hah, love it.