Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Suitable Interview Attire

It's been a while since I've posted any new clothes photos, but I've continued wearing new things and photographing my outfits.  To avoid overwhelming you with two weeks worth of stuff, I'm dividing up this set of photos into what I hope are semi-coherent groups to post in the coming days.

Because my mom asked about this just today (and because this is a Big Week on the job search front), I thought I'd start with my interview suits.  I have a jacket, pants, skirt, and dress all from the same suiting separates line (Tahari).  And amazingly, other than having the pants hemmed to my (low, about 2") heel height, I didn't need any alterations.

Here's the pant suit.  This is what I have worn most often.  (This specific photo is from yesterday.)

It looks kind of bizarrely grey and almost tweedy in this photo, but really, it's just a flat black material.  The shoes are (relatively) comfortable heels in the Cole Haan Nike Air line.

Here's a close-up of the top and necklace (both purchased with the suit).  I love this drape neck top (Anne Klein) and ended up purchasing it in two more colors later (on sale!).

Here's how it looks when I put my new (thifted) Gallery coat / Professor McGonagall from Harry Potter costume on over it.  See how excellently long it is!

When I was not at my interview, I wore the top in a business casual manner for the rest of the day.  (Everything's better with comfy and lovely leopard print smoking slippers.  Oh, and when I saw this post today, I was like, Wow, those look just like my shoes -- wait, they are the exact same ones.  Now if only I had her awesome scarf....)

And here is the skirt suit version (that I wore today) with a pair of Fitzwell heels (a little higher, a different shape, not patent -- for whatever reason, I liked the Cole Haan shoes with the pant suit and these with the skirt, so I got both).  Seriously, WTF is going on with the color on these things?  Do I need to clean my mirror??  Anyway, it looks quite normal in color and texture in person, but you're going to have to trust me on that.  But I like the fit (which of course is hard to tell with my goofy photo-in-the-mirror shot), and I think the little pleats on the skirt adds a bit of interest without being too flashy.

Here's how I wore the shirt and necklace (both also bought with the suit on my big Macy's trip using their personal shopping service) for the rest of the day.  I know, it's winter in Snow City, but when it's sunny, our apartment gets really warm.  It was 73 this afternoon in here and I had to open the patio door to cool it down.  (It also was legitimately just warmer today in general than it was yesterday, and we should be enjoying this warmer -- i.e., highs in the 40's to 50 -- for the next several days, so yay for that.)

And I think with this outfit I get to note two previously unworn items!
New items:
**Paisley drape neck top by Jones New York
**Black pleated skirt (thifted, Loft -- I bought this in April, people!)

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mom said...

Looking awesome! And, professional, too. We got a good look at the flat black of the fabric of your suit in the photo of the aqua blouse.