Sunday, April 7, 2013

More Thifty Goodness

I made a trip to Goodwill today and since it's been a while, I thought I'd give you one of my photo posts on my purchases.  (Click to expand the photos.)

Working from left to right, starting with the top row:
- Jones New York short sleeved knit shirt.  I like the neck detail.  My costliest purchase at $7.
- St. John's Bay [JCP] short sleeved knit shirt.  I'm a sucker for shirring.
- American Living [JCP] elbow length knit shirt with square neck.  Gotta love a sailor stripe!
- Ann Taylor short sleeved knit shirt.  Do I dare try pattern mixing with it?
- Ann Taylor LOFT short sleeved knit shirt.  A nice design on the fabric, I thought.
- A plain white short sleeved shirt with no tags; slightly gathered front.  Great condition for a white shirt.  It's pretty short and should work well with fuller skirts (which annoyingly look better with shirts that are significantly shorter than those I like with pants).  (I brought one of my previously-thrifted fuller skirts to try on with shirts.)  I wonder if someone washed it, it shrank, and they donated it right away.

I got kind of lucky with white/off-white shirts this time!
- Christopher & Banks sleeveless white knit shirt with a high neckline.  It looks basically unworn, and I think I know why.  The armholes are too big -- easily fixable, though, with a sewing machine.
- St. John's Bay [JCP] v-neck short sleeved knit shirt.  My cheapest item at 99 cents.  A handy neutral color to wear with some of the colorful skirts I've been purchasing.
- Adidas short sleeved athletic knit shirt.  I like getting these with the quick dry/wicking/etc. for walking or hiking outdoors, and I'll be packing them on our upcoming national park tour.
- Croft & Barrow [Kohl's] short sleeved cardigan.  I have been wanting to get some summery cardigans that can be worn alone (buttoned up) or over a sleeveless top, esp. with skirts.
- 212 is a brand I'm totally unfamiliar with.  This is a very basic short sleeved nylon/spandex shirt that looks fine tucked into a skirt (a rarity, in my experience).
- Sag Harbor [sold at Kohl's, Sears, Bealls, etc.] short sleeved lightweight sweater for wearing with skirts.  I have several light colored ones with faint patterns that would look good with a neutral color like this.  I like the metal neck detail (a sort of built-in necklace substitute).
- Champion short sleeved athletic knit shirt with a small amount of mesh low on the sides.

- Tommy Hilfiger lightweight long sleeved sweater with waist ties.  A shorter, skirt-compatible length and nice neutral color.
- Another item without tags.  A long, lightweight long sleeved cardigan with a single button closure.  I am the queen of long black cardigans.  I will switch this one for another one that doesn't have a front closure and is arguably a bit too small around the bust (that I bought at this same Goodwill last year and more than got my $3-$5 worth of wear out of).
- Chico's traveler short sleeved shirt and cardigan.  I really like this thin no-wrinkle fabric.  The cardigan is, to my eye, very similar to one my mom owns.  (Mine was only $3.50, though.)
- Two One Two New York (the same mystery brand as 212?) elbow length shrug/sweater.  I love the look of shrugs but haven't really owned one before for casual wear.  Another thing that looks good with skirts or over dresses.  (Although the only dresses I own right now are purple and black so... yeah, I don't think so.)

With spring just starting to peek its head (today several of the lakes we passed on the highway had started to melt around the edges, which wasn't the case a week ago), nobody was fighting with me in the sweater aisles but I could not resist these items.  The lightweight, button-up cardigans should go well with skirts or pants and can be worn alone or over another shirt.  I like that flexibility.  And I need more cardigans so I have an excuse to buy some bad-ass cardigan clips.  (I'll show you some at the end of this post.)
- St. John's Bay [JCP] long-sleeved open cardigan.  I like this style a lot and think the grey should go with a lot of colors underneath.
- Unity World Wear [also JCP?] long-sleeved cardigan.  A semi-gaudy design on the front (rhinestones!) but I think it looks fun and helps mitigate the boredom factor of wearing a grey and black sweater. 
- Eddie Bauer long-sleeved cardigan with a few buttons and a kind of long mild peplum at the bottom?  It's an unusual silhouette.
- Willow Bay [sold at Shopko, a Wisconsin-based retailer I am unfamiliar with but that looks similar to JCP] long-sleeved cardigan with a classic argyle design.
- Lands End long sleeved cardigan.  Finally, a pop of color!

These are some warmer sweaters I won't be wearing until next fall, but they were pretty nifty (and cheap), so I got them anyway.
- Luxe 360 by Designer Originals [???] long sleeved cardigan in a convenient short length.
- Talbots long sleeved wool cardigan.  And it's not black!
- Jalate [???] long sleeved polyester/spandex short cardigan-style top.  Does it work with skirts?  Check.
- Eddie Bauer long sleeved wool sweater with a v-neck.  Very basic, yes, but it fit so well.

OK, bring on the skirts.
- Larry Levine [Marshall's] knee length denim skirt.  New with tags -- $30 originally, $3 to me.
- Ann Taylor LOFT above the knee skirt with a somewhat full silhouette.  New with tags -- $60 originally, $5 to me.
- Ann Taylor knee length skirt.  An A-line skirt with an interesting fabric, I'm all over it.  A bargain at $1.50.
- Old Navy above the knee knit skirt.  With big-ass flowers.
- Axcess by Liz Clairborne knee length slinky-knit (you know what I mean?) skirt.  Such a basic garment but what can I say.  I think I now own two of this type (the other I bought new at Target a couple years ago).

 And the piece de resistance -- Talbots knee length silk skirt in a wonderful color that Robert looked at with great linguistic confusion.  (Yeah, I don't know what it is either.)  Note that it does not actually have weird crinkly fabric; those are just wrinkles.  New with tags -- $118 originally, $6 to me.  I really don't know where I'd wear this, or what I'd wear with it, but it fit like a dream and at the price, I couldn't resist it.   Maybe I'll never wear it anywhere at all, but occasionally will put it on and stroke it, saying, My precious.....

Not pictured are three more items:
- A men's belt, identical to the one we purchased on our last outing but in a larger size.  Robert is now covered from 30-38" in oxblood leather belts.
- An ivory scarf (lightweight but voluminous)
- Franco Sarto black, low vamp shoes with an approx. 1" heel, good for wearing with pants when really casual shoes are inappropriate. 

Total cost for this crazy haul of stuff: $146.42. 

Meanwhile, I'm trying to decide among 6 pairs of Salomon trail runners/hiking shoes from Zappo's, ranging in price from $100 to $150.  I would like to have two pairs to take on our upcoming 2-week adventure in national parks.  I'm 85% sure of one pair but there are two others I'm not sure about yet.

OK, here are some bad-ass cardi clip options (gathered from a google images search):


Classic owls
Angry-looking owls

Goofy bunnies with chicks on their head

Steampunk clocks

A sweet birdy


Tam said...

I did not know such a thing as these cardigan clips existed.

Sally said...

See, EQ: entertaining AND educational!

mom said...

Cardigan clips are very retro. They were popular in the 50's I think.

Sally said...

Right, they really are. I think the most obvious "modern" cardi clip poster girl is Emma Pillsbury from Glee.

jen said...

Looks like you scored. Really love that shrug, by the way.