Monday, April 22, 2013

Sew What

The table in my office has now been fully switched from schoolwork mode to sewing mode.  I have even pressed the African market basket my mom gave me into service as a convenient way to store tools and equipment as well as carry the stuff upstairs to the dining room table, which has the extra space I need for laying out larger pattern pieces when cutting fabric.

To reacquaint myself with my sewing machine, I started by making more of the cocktail napkin insert replacements for my coasters (like the ones I made a few years ago).  I wanted to have enough of the coaster inserts that I could put all the current ones in the laundry hamper and put new ones in the coasters; although I had made more of them since the initial 6, I still didn't have enough to have a full replacement set.  Now I do.

The fabric I used includes two ancient bandanas with mysterious origins, some quilting fabric I purchased recently at Walmart, and -- the piece de resistance -- a pair of boxer shorts I bought at an aquarium about 20 years ago.

After that, I got slightly more ambitious and made some tissue box covers.  I know, it's kind of a grandma type thing to do, but I am sick of the fact that lotion Kleenex come in only two boring designs (and 5 pastel colors).  (Living in Snow City -- where in the winter, it is drier indoors than the Sahara Desert  -- normal Kleenex are too rough for regular use.  My nose gets roughed up enough using the lotion kind.)

I am using this tutorial to make my covers, and I think the ones I've done so far have turned out pretty sweet.

Robert's bathroom is all white and dark blue.  I like how this cover matches his mouthwash.

I originally made this one for my bathroom, but it goes very well with the red furniture in the living room.

I made this one from leftover fabric from a pair of pajama pants I made many years ago.  It matches Robert's sheets and blankets (and is probably the only "masculine" fabric I have).  No more pink water lily Kleenex for Robert!  (Well, unless he decides he misses them.)

My office needed a dash of color, and I am a sucker for these bright, batik-like prints.

I have also been, well, I guess the word is "tailoring" -- even though that word implies a much higher level of skill and ambition than I have yet -- some T-shirts I purchased online from Hanes.  I bought them in a slightly larger size and have been taking them in at the sides and at the hem as needed.  (I have nothing against longish T-shirts but I wanted some that were a little bit shorter for summer.)

I have also been working on another project.  Stay tuned for updates.


Anonymous said...


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mom said...

Both the coaster inserts and the kleenix box covers look great!! I'm hoping to see some for me soon! I'm glad you find a good use for the basket. They are such lovely baskets!