Friday, April 12, 2013

Hungry Birds

Robert sent me the following message posted on a Pacific Northwest birding listserve:

"It was a nice day today and I decided to take the top off of my Jeep and go out look for Burrowing Owls. I found my FOY [first of year] Franklin County Burrowing Owls North of Pasco. Two of them were standing watch outside their burrow. My girlfriend and I were taking pictures when one of them flew off. I went to the back of my jeep to get my scope out. Then, my girlfriend caught my attention silently and motioned me to look in the front seat of my jeep. The Burrowing Owl had flown into my jeep and had landed on the steering wheel!!!!! The Owl quickly grabbed my half eaten burrito from the taco truck that was on the dashboard and flew back to the burrow!!! We watched an awe with our jaws dropped as the owls went at the burrito finishing every morsel down to the last pinto bean!!!!"

As Robert noted, Burrowing owls love their little burrows

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