Saturday, April 13, 2013

Weather News

Robert says:  "If you feel like this winter has been dragging on forever, you're right.  We've only reached the average high temperature 7 times since March 1."

(That's only 16% of the time.  Because Robert doesn't know how the mean and median relate to each other, he can't say precisely what we would expect, but let's say roughly 50%.)

"The last two days, we've been 20 degrees below normal for the high temperature."

This year is definitely living up to my jibe about Snow City in response to the frequent claims about our true "four season" climate:  Sure we have four seasons, but two of them are winter.

You guys in the same situation?  Has the bunny stolen spring from everyone?

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mom said...

We're going back and forth between spring and winter temps. In the 70's one day and only up to the 30's the next. I think we're all ready for spring to arrive for good.