Friday, November 15, 2013

Miscellaneous Outfits

There's no nice unifying theme to these outfits other than "Things Sally Wore Recently."

11/1 - Shell Top

New items:
**Aqua and navy shell design top from Nordstrom (in the same style as the bird shirt at the bottom of this post)
**Navy cardigan from Kohl's

11/3 - Summer Pieces, Fall Colors

I don't think any of these items are new, but this is the brown cardigan I mentioned in the previous post (with the purplish animal top).  And yes, it is the brother of the navy cardigan above.  I got this basic cardigan from Kohl's in navy, brown, olive, ... I can't remember if there's another color or not.  I really, really like this style of cardigan and think I purchased smart multiples rather than doing a "fear of missing out."  I wear cardigans most months of the year, and this simple open-front design feels current and adaptable (and works with pretty much anything underneath).

11/4 - Introducing the Lands End T-shirt, Long-Sleeved Version

These t-shirts are long...nice for tucking in, and a good length for jeans, but really too long to wear over a skirt.  I tucked it in for lack of better alternatives, but I felt that the thin waistband on the skirt didn't look quite right with the shirt tucked in -- I need to get a comfy, thick elastic belt in brown to wear in these situations.  I like how my black one works.

New item:
**Long-sleeved knit shirt from Lands End

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