Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yet More Animals

...but this time not rabbits.

A Bird Sweater

I had this combo in mind ever since I bought those shoes.

New items:
**Turquoise and yellow bird cardigan from Target ($15 sale)
**Mustard flats by Mia ($14 sale at 6pm)

You need a close-up of the sweater, of course.

I have almost gotten rid of this knit shirt (thrifted, Banana Republic) several times because it's starting to form tiny holes near the hem, but I love the color and can't quite bear to give it up.  I'm glad I kept it because I enjoyed how it brought out the lighter shade of turquoise in the sweater.  (Aqua? Teal?  Whatever.  This light yet bright blue that matches the turquoise in the necklace.)

Leopard Print Scarf

My hunt for a leopard print scarf finally came to an end.  There are a lot of choices out there, but it was hard to find one I liked.  I was pleasantly surprised when this one arrived from Target and looked so right.  I am a fan of the inclusion of both grey and a light brown in the scarf and the lack of any weird metallic thread highlights, random beading, etc., that seem to be so common on leopard print scarves.

New items:
**Leopard print scarf from Target
**Burgundy drape neck t-shirt from Lands End

And the close-up...

My leopard print collection is nearing completion.  (By which I mean of course only that I will have the basic necessities taken care of.)  I am still on the look-out for a leopard print coat, however.


mom said...

Don't forget there's a leopard print down jacket at Land's End. And, they are having a 30% off sale.

Sally said...

I know, I'm still tempted! It might have to become mine this weekend. It's getting cold enough that down is starting to sound appealing.