Saturday, November 16, 2013

More Lands End Stuff

A couple of red Lands End items formed the basis of these outfits.

11/2 - Red Knit Top

Here you can also see how the wide elastic belt works over a shirt tucked into a skirt.  I just think it looks neater than the waistband alone in some cases (and here, I liked how it repeated the black detail on the shoes).

New items:
**Red knit top from Lands End
**Tan pleated skirt (thifted, Old Navy -- it came with a weird cord belt that I removed immediately)

11/9 - Red Ponte Jacket

This is what I wore coat shopping so that I could be sure that any coat I bought would fit over a jacket.  The fabric is soft and stretchy so the comfort level is somewhere between a cardigan and a regular jacket -- it was definitely comfy enough for me to wear it all day, not just for shopping purposes.

New item:
**Red ponte jacket from Lands End


jen said...

You look really great in that jacket. Nice!

Sally said...


mom said...

I loved the outfit with the pink shoes, but I've always been partial to stripes. You look so fab.

Sally said...

Thanks. I too LOVE stripes.