Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Feeding the Process

All 3 (in-person) interviews I had last week went well, and I think the chances are very good that I will advance to the next stage of the process with at least one of them.  I had another (in-person) interview yesterday that was OK, but I don't think the Sally-job fit is that great; it's a small organization getting into an expansion phase, and it seems that they want to hire one person with 3 different (but related) skill sets.  And sadly, one of my main skill sets (primary research) is not one of them.  But that's fine.

Today, while I have been basically on pins and needles as I wait to hear back regarding last week's interviews, I applied to 5 jobs, all of which were a good fit for me.  I still have one "good" fit and a bunch of "OK" fit jobs that I will continue applying to this week.  I've got to keep the stream of applications going in if I want more interviews down the road, and anyway, applying to a bunch more jobs after doing some promising interviews appeals to a certain kind of magic thinking for me -- you know, something akin to the idea "If I bring an umbrella, it won't rain and I won't need it, but if I don't bring an umbrella, it will rain and I'll regret it."  When your grounded, rational thinking and your fanciful, magical thinking are suggesting the same course of action, I guess that's a good way to go. 

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