Saturday, November 23, 2013

A Scarf Steal and Other New Things

I've fallen behind on my outfit posts, but I'm still going.

A Lovely Scarf

I purchased this scarf at Goodwill because I thought the colors were pretty.  I wore it in a very plain mix (white Lands End t-shirt and black Loft skirt) so the scarf would be showcased.

When I washed the scarf (by hand -- it only takes a minute, so I don't mind), I was somewhat surprised by its texture, and I was all the more surprised by how it lay on the drying rack.  Then I realized:  Duh, the scarf is silk; that's why it feels this way.  I only spent a couple bucks on it, so I hadn't really thought about what fabric it was made of.  A nice score for me.

New items:
**Olive and cobalt silk scarf (thifted, Ellen Tracy)
**These Anne Klein shoes have been returned.  After wearing them a very brief time, I realized they were rubbing my foot on one side, so they did not meet my (pretty high) comfort standards.  That's OK -- I still have my brown leopard smoking slippers (though those look better with pants, to my eye, than dresses, probably because of the higher vamp).

Another Interview Top

I'm starting to forget what I've posted and what I've not (too bad there's no way to check that, isn't it -- heh).  Anyway, in case you haven't seen it before, this is a top I bought at Kohl's that I thought would be a nice business casual thing for wearing out over pants (I bought it in the store with credits I'd earned from my previous online purchases), but I also wore it to an interview with my pant suit.  During the rest of the day of the interview, I wore the top with black jeans as seen here.

New item???:
**Flowery top from Kohl's

Navy Stripes

As you've heard/seen before, I love stripes.  Here I'm wearing a striped t-shirt I'm not sure I've worn before (I'm pretty certain I've not shown it on EQ in any case).  For extra fun, I wore it with one of my favorite pairs of socks -- striped, of course.

New items:
**Striped navy t-shirt from Target
**Blue woven belt from Target

Flannel Sheet Adventure

My flannel sheet set finally bit the dust.  One of the pillowcases had a hole in it, as did the bottom sheet.  When Robert tore the sheet off the bed last weekend, the bottom sheet ripped, a clear indicator that it was time to replace this set of sheets (that had been well-used before my mom passed them on to me) with a brand spanking new set.  I went to, my historical go-to for discount priced sheets, but I felt sort of blah about the offerings.  Lots of solid sheets, which is fine but not thrilling.  The only cute sheets they had were more expensive than I wanted.  So I did a Google Shopping search for "bird flannel sheets" and was somewhat surprised how few were available.  Fortunately, one of the first hits was a set of sheets from Target for $25, which was part of their holiday sheets collection.  I loved the look, so despite the almost scary low price, I went for it.  Even though they are supposedly "holiday," they will work just fine with my quilt that I use year-round that has a kind of "things seen around my rustic cabin in the woods" theme.

So the red birds, brown pine cones, and green pine needles on the sheets are a great match.  The colors are consistent, the theme is consistent, and the quilt even has a "red birds with pine cones" square of its own.

The sheets are impressively warm.  So far, I haven't put my electric blanket on the bed, though we have not hit real winter temperatures yet.  (Today was supposed to have a high around 17, so winter is coming, however.)  I like the fact that after a couple hours, I wake up warm enough to take off my socks, and I can move my feet around without them getting cold.  There is something luxurious feeling about sleeping in the fall/winter without socks in Snow City.

The only downside so far is that when we washed the sheets before putting them on the bed, a huge amount of fluff came off the sheets, but not quite enough.  I'm still waking up with little bits of white stuck to my pajamas when I get up in the morning.  This weekend, we're going to try drying the sheets then running them through the fluff (no heat) cycle a few times -- we hope that after a while (and with us regularly removing all the lint from the lint filter in the dryer as they go), all the obvious extra lint will have detached itself and I can sleep on sheets that do not attach little bits of themselves on me during the night.

So I don't know whether the sheets will eventually stop pilling, or how well they will stand up to repeated laundering and usage, but I'm pleased with them so far.  No holes, you know?  That's a major improvement right there.


mom said...

I've been looking for a set of flannel sheets, too. I was surprised at how many comments were made in reviews that the sheets had so much fluff. I've not had that happen before. But, all my flannel sheets have come from Kohl's, so perhaps I should stick with Kohl's.

Sally said...

Interesting -- sounds like you've found a good source in Kohl's. I'd be curious whether their flannel sheets are still low-fluff.