Monday, November 25, 2013

Flowery Top Remix

Because of a job interview last week, I found myself wearing my flowery grey top again.

Pants Version I Wore the Rest of the Day

New items:
**Black pants (thifted, Dockers) -- I have better luck fitting thrifted Dockers, from previous styles of pants, than new ones.  These are a "slightly curvy" fit that I like a lot but that they do not make any longer.  (They don't appear to make a slightly curvy or curvy fit at all lately, which seems weird -- I can't imagine their customers have become appreciably less curvy in the past couple years.)
**Grey and black leopard print flats by Fergalicious that I purchased as part of a $14 sale at 6pm.  I selected Flats and Comfort and the shoes I purchased do all seem (at first wearing) comfortable (enough for wearing around the house -- I don't know about walking any real distance, but I did not purchase them for that purpose; I just was in the mood for some fun shoes).  Zappos/6pm seems to have more reliable "comfort" labeling than Nordstrom does, in my experience.

With the Skirt from My Suit

This is what the top looks like tucked into the (really cute, I think) skirt from my suit.  (To the interview, of course I wore the whole suit and heels, but while I had the skirt on, I thought I'd try what this would look like in a business casual incarnation.  I liked it.)

Leopard Flat Close Up



mom said...

I like the blouse and the necklace you were wearing in the 2nd photo.

Sally said...

Thanks, that's my go-to interview necklace that I bought at the same time as the suit.