Sunday, September 1, 2013

One of These Images is Not Like the Others

...and no, I'm not talking about all the bunnies I've been posting on Facebook!  (Robert is not the comment-on-FB type so I will share with you here his comment on today's picture when I explained that hotot is, per the collective wisdom of the internet, pronounced like hoe-toe: "So it's a hotot photo." Indeed.)

But please do enjoy this EQ Exclusive rabbit photo -- this is a very relaxed-looking English lop doin' the flop, and yes, her ears are supposed to be that long.

All the better to ignore you with

Now, onto the other images.  I had a similar kind of WTF reaction to this Harper's Bazaar lay-out as Nicolette Mason.  That woman is dressed like Harper's Bizarre, and not in a good, fashion-forward, making-you-think, challenging-your-eye kind of way.  It's just embarrassing -- for the stylists, not for the model, who I think could be interpreted as giving a "hells no" to the way they made her up. (And the shoes!  For the love of God, give the woman awesome shoes!)

The rabbits say, Two thumps to that!

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