Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Another Sally: A Castaway Tale

Yesterday, the level of Solitaire Blitz I played on Facebook featured a cartoon character named Sally (an octopus, I think).  I was going to say that a Sally computer game character is a new one for me, but I have seen (though not played) the games Sally's Salon, Spa, and Studio.  So I guess I'll say that the Sally octopus computer game character is a new one for me.

Like Gilligan, she is stranded on a deserted island.

Like the professor, she is good at figuring out how to make all kinds of stuff out of coconuts.  However, she gets this knowledge the new old-fashioned way -- a distance degree program.  (Indeed, she fishes it out of the ocean.)

After gathering all her necessary equipment, she puts her degree to work.  Who says a doctorate isn't practical?  You just have to make sure it's in an applied discipline.

....And when she gets back to civilization, she apparently returns to junior high, where her choice of term paper topic causes envy among her classmates on the next Solitaire Blitz level.

Such a Sally move -- to write a term paper on the topic of sharks, requiring an entirely separate literature review, when she no doubt could have re-purposed part of her dissertation on coconuts for this project.



jen said...

Very cute.

Sally said...

Beats the heck of out of the "Sally, the barmaid who is found murdered on page 3" kind of thing I'm used to.

I was surprised that I was not envious of octopus Sally's PhD :)

mom said...

Ah, but how often would you really use a degree in coconut technology?

Tam said...

So adorable.

Tam said...

So adorable.

rvman said...

The job market in Coconut Technologies must suck. It's not like SE N. Dakota State has a Coconut Technology program.

Sally said...

Mom and RVman -- yeah, this is probably the only time she's going to make use of that degree, hence her having to return to junior high for some more practical education. Perhaps she will later write a paleo bakery cookbook featuring coconut and having "Sally Octopus, PhD" on the cover will give it a level of (unwarranted) credibility it would not otherwise have.