Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Shiny

I've worn some more of my new items this week.


On a somewhat warmer day, I paired a new-new t-shirt with a shrug that I purchased a couple months ago.

New items:
*Striped shirt from Kohl's
*Shrug from Target

But what's that hanging around my neck?

An owl pendant that I purchased...during our family trip to Germany in 2001 and I had not (I believe) worn before now.  I found it when I was digging around in a box with some old costume jewelry in it, and I am glad to have rediscovered it (and its two comrades from the same trip).


The Alice t-shirt makes its first showing.  It's awesome, and fits well, except the V-neck is too deep to wear without a camisole (or, as I did here, with a sports bra).  Sort of annoying.

I was also feeling pretty crappy that day, so the grumpy Alice really fit my mood.

New items:
*Alice t-shirt from Out of Print
*Cardigan from Macy's

Sunday I wore a variant a previously posted outfit.


I took advantage of a phone interview in the morning as an excuse to dress up a bit again, this time in a blouse that Robert calls the Snow Leopard.  I'm loving these animal prints.

New items:
*Animal print blouse from Jones New York

Today (Tuesday), I wore the green vine skirt outfit again, only without the cardigan because it was a sunny, and hence quite warm, day in my apartment.


Mom said...

I love the owl. I hope to see the other two soon!

Sally said...

Will do!

Tam said...

I like that striped shirt a lot.