Thursday, September 19, 2013

Almost Last Cardigan

Today's cardigan is a heavier, warmer one.  I do not normally gravitate toward heavy sweaters, but there are times I really want to cozy up.  I half-expect to find myself using it as a mini-robe over my PJs.  (I can't stand actual robes--they are too long and can get twisted up and annoying.  This cardigan is good because it does have a single button at the waist to keep it closed, unlike robes that you have to try to tie closed with a gigantimous tie-thingy that doesn't want to knot neatly, etc.)

New items:
*Blue cardigan from Lands End (still on sale for $24.99, fits true to size, about 27" long)
*Coral knit top from Lands End
*Grey pants from Rafaella

But it was too warm today to actually wear this cardigan.  I looked like this all day instead.  (Hurrah for my excellent scarf collection.  Couldn't believe I had one to pull the blue and coral together.  I'm getting toward the end of my new clothes, so it's a bit tougher to make coherent outfits from them, but a scarf saves the day.)

And DAMN these are some long pants.  I'm wearing shoes with about a 2" heel and they're still too long.  Will definitely be hemming these puppies.  But they're super comfortable pants, so it's worth it.  I actually got turned on to this brand and style when I bought a pair at Goodwill (aka Our Favorite Store aka The Other Rafaella Sportswear).  They are jeans style, but made from a thicker version of the fabric that is common in pants made for business casual wear--do you know what I mean?  Business casual pants can be tough because the fabric is often so flimsy that it doesn't fit or drape well.  I guess these pants are that basic kind of "wear to the office pants" (made from polyester/rayon) that are thicker than the typical business casual pants but a bit thinner than suit pants.  I would wear them either casually or business casual (in many offices).

I like how the decision to post this stuff is motivating me to dress a bit better--or at least less boring--than usual.  Because I'm at home all day, I often will wear the same jeans and cardigan for several days in a row.  I'm enjoying taking advantage of the variety of my closet and the challenge of wearing new things each day.  I think I'm going to continue wearing new things every day--I have stuff I purchased months ago (mostly at thrift stores) that I haven't worn yet.  And that's just dumb.


mom said...

Again, you look fab and the scarf so makes the look!

jen said...

I can never wait to wear new clothes. I have a couple pairs of new pants I still haven't gotten hemmed (but I've worn them anyway).

Sally said...

Good, so I'm not the only one walking around in extra-long pants ;) At least they aren't high-waters!