Friday, September 20, 2013

Frustrating My Inner Homer Simpson

Here's an inappropriate job for me that showed up on my job alert this morning:

Project Estimator - Nuclear

I liked this: "Must live within 60 minutes to ensure proper implementation of Emergency Response Plan."  But damn, in current traffic, I'm 1 hour 5 minutes away according to Google.  Guess I'm gonna have to pass on this one.

Or even better, how about this?

On-Air Host

I could be like the youngest wife on Big Love.  I really think my "captivating presence and amazing ability to connect with others" make me the obvious candidate for such a role.

Or a job posted on

Product Lead - Corn Genetics

Somehow I don't think my knowledge of rabbit fur coloration genetics, gathered by reading stuff on the internet for a couple hours, is going to help me here.


rvman said...

Apparently your Economics and Marketing background are enough to get in on the ground floor for the Corn seed biz. You'd need to put in a few years before you could be product lead, though.

(This is a job description I'll bet we have somewhere in the company.)

Sally said...

Ground...corn...there's a joke in there somewhere. But yeah, I would need to start out in the Product Associate level or something.