Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Not a Great Week

I've been sick, and I've gotten some disappointing news on the job front (nothing dire; I just didn't advance to the final round of candidates for a couple jobs).  So time for a goofy storyline from my solitaire game to cheer me up.

Once again, Hercules the clueless fish and Sally (who is a jellyfish, not an octopus--duh) have gotten a writing assignment in school.

Working together on a school project?  This sounds ominous.  But Hercules is a well-meaning, hard-working clownfish and he's determined to do his part.  However, his fundamental misunderstanding of the assignment is problematic...

...and things go from bad to worse for him as he tries to come up with a solution.


With the gathering of a scary-looking mask, which isn't even a doll, Hercules finds himself in very serious trouble.  What is a poor clownfish to do?

Well, I didn't see this ending coming, even though I should have.

It is, after all, pretty much the story of my life.


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