Monday, September 16, 2013

An Easy One

Before posting my rabbit photo on FB, I thought, I should see whether I can figure out its genotype based on the 11 loci I talked about in my last post.  This seemed kind of daunting, but then I saw the photo -- a brown Dutch.  This is easy!


(Note: the _ indicates that because the rabbit shows the dominant characteristic, it's not possible to know whether the other gene is the dominant or recessive version; the bun looks the same either way.  Only the breeding will tell.  Or, I suppose, gene typing.)

It's funny how after a couple hours on the internet, a person can know more about a topic like the genetics of rabbit fur coloration than like 99.999% of the population.

Note: I actually screwed it up the first time, despite the fact that it was easy.  I was like the kid at the spelling bee so relieved to get an easy word that she isn't careful enough and blows it.  Hah.

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