Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Ides of July - A Very Important Day

My little sister turned 30 today. A fine age indeed.



The birthday gifts started before her birth, as I had taken such modest portions of good looks, charm, and physical grace as to leave an almost embarrassing abundance left over for her. Arguably, I didn't even take my fair share of mathematical ability. (And don't think I haven't occasionally grumbled at my previous generosity.) I suspect there was a lot of stubborness to go around, but she ended up with the lion's share of that too.

I am hoping that this history will buy me some time to get this year's birthday gift together. After all, Robert only got his gift today (1 month, 2 days late) and if it weren't for a convenient jar of herb seasoning that I had on hand and that my dad really liked on his chicken breast when he visited in June, I would have totally bombed out on father's day. RB's gift was a very close call and I only made it due to the social pressure of having a gift to bring to the party. And since my mom, by some miracle, got her gift to Jefe early this year, perhaps my gift being late will simply keep things in balance. Yeah, really, when you think about it, this is just one more small act of magnanimity on my part; I could let this disruption in the universe go unchecked, but instead I will boldly step in to save us all by delaying her gift. Don't mention it.


jen said...

Thanks Sal! :) I certainly wouldn't want the balance of the universe to be disrupted on my account. I'd have to say you might have taken more than your share of wit, though. ;) Awesome picture by the way... those fancy-free days of childhood. Let's hope we don't lost that just because we're full-fledged adults, eh?

jen said...

Oh, and just to be clear on the math part -- I'm sure I wouldn't have majored in it without having had my big sis teaching me math all the time as a kid... like the unit circle? Ingrained in my mind (and still useful today). :)

Sally said...

I had forgotten about the unit circle thing! I'm sort of a one-woman missionary where the unit circle is concerned. I've been using it a lot with my current calc class, of course. I used it just this week in a proof on the derivative of arcsine.