Friday, July 20, 2007

Dentistry Aftercare Tip

Yesterday afternoon, I had 5 fillings at the dentist, including one without anaesthetic, to avoid having my entire mouth numbed, which leads to such lovely outcomes as panic of choking due to an inability to feel oneself swallow, excessive drooling, etc. It took about an hour and a half and wasn't very painful, exactly, though they did end up applying a lot of pressure to my jaw, which gave me a headache. As did the sound of the drilling, during which I found myself imagining (for the amusement/distraction value) the high-pitched whine as the sound of two alien-insects having sex; I choreographed a little movie of it in my mind, borrowing the mood from the "gun/moon" sex scene in Murder by Moonlight.

[What? You haven't seen that one? It is unmissable. I can't imagine how you would not enjoy it if you have any appreciation for SF mystery B movies. You should see it with a friend and prepare to laugh. My second favorite scene features this exchange I have never forgotten:

Brigette Nielsen, playing an American bombshell: "Don't get Russian on me."

Julian Sands, playing a Russian military guy: "But I am Russian."]

All this dental work was not exactly a great thing for Operation Cheap Ass, especially as a I plumped for the slightly more expensive tooth-colored resin fillings, but my insurance picked up over half the cost and the final fee felt quite reasonable for what I was getting. (5 fillings = 10 pairs of Rocket Dog shoes.) Somehow it had totally slipped my mind that I needed to be getting cleanings every 6 months and after 5 years of this, despite my own good dental hygiene at home, there was decay to be dealt with. I probably only remembered to go to the dentist this month because I had health insurance on the mind what with my leaving my job in August. I now consider myself reminded of the importance of regular cleanings. If it has been six months since your last cleaning, please make an appointment immediately.

After the anaesthetic wore off, my mouth did feel totally worked over and sore and I wasn't much up for eating dinner, though I was quite hungry. I had an almost impossible time thinking of anything that I wanted that was worth the effort/pain of chewing it. But eventually, I did eat, and can report that I found the following meal quite delicious and satisfactory:

A Boca faux-chicken patty
Amy's Mexican vanilla ice cream with chunks of Reese's peanut butter cups

I basically never eat ice cream (note: I did have Amy's Mexican vanilla ice cream as part of my appetizer/dessert strategy at dinner with RB on Monday, making this week's ice cream consumption the highest of the past several years), and Amy's Mexican vanilla with Reese's is a total favorite, so that was a nice post-dentist treat: absolutely yummy and easy to eat. Fortunately, though I have had some sensitivity to very cold ice water, I had not a twinge from the ice cream.

There has not before last night been a time I have been glad to have an Amy's in the shopping center across thte street, but in the event of really wanting ice cream, it's pretty awesome, I do admit.

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