Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hello World

June was a truly wretched blogging month, but I played so much Pokemon that I thought my Fitbit would pass out (but it took the miles like a champ).  But now it's July and it's often way too freaking warm/humid to want to go out in the evening.  So that would bode well for getting back on the blogging train, right?  Well, let's give it a shot on this sunny and unpleasantly steamy evening.

A perfect time to take ourselves back to mid-May, when it was blissfully not summer yet.

Fall in Spring--Monday, 5/15/17

This cardigan/skirt/shoes combo is like an instant "just add almost any shirt and go" outfit in the making.  I get bonus points since the dots on the turtle's back include both brown and the dark aqua of the lace top.

*Dark aqua lace top (thrifted, Kohls), $5.24

Outfit cost per wear (OCPW): $11.29

Pastel Sailor--Tuesday, 5/16/17

Sadly I spilled iced green tea on my skirt at work.  This isn't a terribly uncommon experience (even though I work in a physically stable office environment and not on an actual ship), but I'm not usually wearing white, which I have now empirically demonstrated will take a stain from a beverage that is basically urine-colored.  (Mmmm...that's an appetizing comparison.)  I have gotten the stain about 90% out, but that last 10% is frustrating!  But I haven't given up yet.  I mean, I did win the Army award at the regional science fair for my project on stain removal, after all. 

OCPW: $13.17

Foresty Pseudo-Dress--Wednesday, 5/17/17

When my outfit looks too dark/woodsy to be spot on for spring/summer, adding a big dose of white or cream is a good option.  Or I just rock my seasonally inappropriate color scheme as I did on Monday.  Either way.  I think back on weather that supported wearing this somewhat open weave but not really lightweight jacket and want to weep. 

*Olive skirt (JCP), $10.77

OCPW: $26.08

Black and White and Burgundy All Over--Thursday, 5/18/17

My classic "it's raining so I'm going to wear these black pants with black shoes that will ignore the water" combination in action again on a day with a high of about 55 F.  SIGH.  But it was quite lovely to be able to wear this peplum sweater once more before the onslaught of summer.

OCPW: $10.44

Golden Bunnies--Friday, 5/19/17

What a simple outfit, and I loved wearing it.  This shirt, this jacket, and these jeans are some of my favorites (which is reflected in the low cost per wear reported below), and you know I'm a sucker for wearing a gold necklace and shoes to match my hair (hare?).

OCPW: $7.50

Look at all those jackets and sweaters!  Goodness.  I miss you, month of May.

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