Saturday, July 15, 2017

80 F Pants Week

Yep, yet another pants week. 

Summer Dark Floral--Monday, 6/5/17

It is seriously proving hard to go wrong with the bright pink pants + chambray blazer combo.  This is the first of approximately 815 ways I could wear this new top featuring a bunch of great colors.  Although I'm not typically a polyester-for-summer person, I couldn't resist it for the price, fit, and fabulous print.  I loved how this outfit turned out.

*Navy/olive/pink/red floral sleeveless blouse (thrifted, Walmart), $2.24

Outfit cost per wear (OCPW): $10.08

Serendipitous Paisley--Tuesday, 6/6/17

Another newly thrifted sleeveless top, 100% cotton this time.  I bought it on the same trip as these new black-and-white check pants (which is one of my favorite patterns for pants, so I was happy to find them, even if they are just too long to wear with flats unless I hem them), and when I saw the two items sitting together in a stack, I decided to listen to the universe and wear them together.

*Black and white check trousers (thrifted, Kohls), $5.24
*Purple/green/aqua paisley sleeveless top (thrifted, Eddie Bauer), $5.24

OCPW: $19.59

Red Sailor--Wednesday, 6/7/17

Floral and stripes is a pattern mixing favorite of mine, so naturally I was thrilled to wear this scarf with its helpful red/navy/white color scheme atop this outfit.  When the high temperature is around 80 F, I can still do a normal scarf at work as long as I wear it loose or tie it lower on the body (not right around the neck). 

OCPW: $11.67

Summer Blues--Thursday, 6/8/17

This is an outfit that ended up almost entirely different from what I had initially planned.  I think the matching blue pants and shoes were the only pieces that I kept.  If I recall correctly, my original idea involved a shirt that was clearly too heavy/warm for the weather, but this sleeveless knit tank, short-sleeved cardigan, and lightweight scarf were spot on.  And I don't think that's just because the cool blues make me look like a refreshing drink.  If you look closely, you can see that the aqua cardigan and mint scarf almost exactly match two of the blue shades in the shirt, which is very gratifying, of course. 

I ended up donating this shirt because I'm not entirely happy with the fact that it's tight around the hips (it's a knit, so it still basically works, but the whole thing was cut for someone with a much straighter frame than mine, and I am increasingly unwilling to deal with anything that's at all too tight feeling, especially in the summer), but I think I gave it a nice last hurrah (with a final cost per wear of $0.75 too).

OCPW: $5.08

Casual Friday With a Twist of Lime--Friday, 6/9/17

I had a great streak of good luck on that thrifting trip I mentioned earlier; I bought this textured lime green sleeveless top at the same time.  (I don't routinely check the sleeveless section, but because I was wanting to spruce up my summer wardrobe, I did this time and hit the jackpot.)  Of course, I absolutely had to wear it with this lime-dominated silk scarf for its debut. 

*Lime sleeveless top (thrifted, JNY), $3.74

OCPW: $8.20

In other news...Tam sent this article about the new clothing company founded by the same skeevy guy behind American Apparel.  Because what the world needed was yet another company churning out uncomfortable, giant unisex t-shirts that will obviously bunch under the armpits and have zero drape whatsoever.  (Well, maybe if you wear these t-shirts, he won't sexually harass you?)  One unfortunate aspect of this is that, like American Apparel, the new company is positioning itself as a supplier of blank t-shirts for companies that want to sell shirts with their logo/character/design on the front.  I already have one huge, stiff (now fading) unisex t-shirt with a great design silk-screened on it (a disapproving rabbit) that I can only wear as a pj top because it's ridiculous; I don't need more. 


Tam said...

I knew you'd blog that :-)

Sally said...

How could I not? I thought we'd left the horror of the sleezoid behind us, and here he goes again. At least the ads are safe for work, I guess...