Wednesday, July 12, 2017

A Week of Warming

The week of May 28 started with a high of 60 F on Monday but reached 88 F by the end.  So pretty much in like a cool glass of iced tea, out like a half-drunk can of Dr Pepper that has been left sitting in the car on a late spring weekend and is found on Monday morning like, ugh, gross.  But Memorial Day is the traditional start of summer, right?  So I guess the rising temperature wasn't poorly timed from that perspective.

Stripey Chambray Summer--Tuesday, 5/30/17

Yep, I am totally doing the bright pants + chambray blazer + pattern mixing scarf and shoes again already.  But to usher in summer, I think adding mixed stripes and a red and blue fish print is hard to outdo.   I mean, I guess I could carry a purse with an anchor or maybe a crab on it or something, but failing that, this is as start of summer as it gets around here.

Outfit cost per wear (OCPW): $11.15

Mossy and Dramatic--Wednesday, 5/30/17

I saw this olive + magenta color combination on another blogger, and for whatever reason, I decided the beginning of summer was a good time for it.  After the previous day's totally appropriate outfit, I suppose I had to bring some kind of balance back to the Force my seasonally questionable self.  This scarf has such a wonderful rich sheen to it, it has a slightly elevating yet emotional quality, like it's ready to toss its loose ends over my shoulder and lead me out of the room on a devastatingly witty remark.  (This did not in fact happen on this Wednesday work day that was, as far as I can recall, pretty ordinary.)

OCPW: $10.41

Wild June Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit--Thursday, 6/1/17

When you've got a shirt covered in rabbits, a rainbow-bright wild ball necklace, and shoes with metal studs on them, but your outfit still looks just fine for a business casual workplace, things are going well for you.  The navy pencil skirt definitely helps to ground the look, as they say.

OCPW: $9.12

And a Bunch More Rabbits--Friday, 6/2/17

Oh, it's Friday and the bunnies are frolicking happily, surrounded by soft light green grass(y sweater).  If one day of rabbit rabbit rabbit is good, surely two in a row is better!

OCPW: $6.55

Striped shoes (two different pairs) twice in one week?  Yep, it's summer.


Jen M. said...

P loves crabs on his outfits, so he would have said to go for it!

Sally said...

Hah, yes. The toddler version of my outfit would definitely need a big red crab appliqued on the striped shirt!