Saturday, July 29, 2017

Not Posted?

I'm confused because I thought I posted this some time ago.  OK, I guess better late than never...

Ahhh, a cool week with highs in the low to mid 70s F.  How you are missed.

Not-Quite-as-Summer Blues, Monday, 6/19/17

Back on 6/8, I had to create a new outfit with these pants and ballet flats (Summer Blues) because my originally planned outfit was too warm for the weather.  Well, with this cooler week, I was able to wear the long-sleeved blouse and vest as I'd wanted to...and with a big-ass sparkly necklace to top it all off.

Outfit cost per wear (OCPW): $8.64

Olive Pink, How About You?--Tuesday, 6/20/17

I had started to lose hope that I could make this cardigan and scarf outfit work before the later summer/almost fall season struck, but the cold front helped me out.  That and the fact that I had bought a new white top that is sleeveless so that the whole thing wasn't quite as warm as it was with a t-shirt.  I had ordered somewhere in the range of a gazillion different white tops from JCP (most in two sizes) and am happy to report that my summer white top supply is now in excellent shape.  This one is pretty visually interesting with rows of lace ribbon down the front and the peplum hem.  It was kind of funny walking into JCP at the Pokemon Mall with a giant box for the return desk, but the young guy at the counter really dealt with it like a professional (e.g., no mocking me to my face; he must have waited until he was on break to regale his co-workers with the Tale of the 1000 White Shirts).

*White sleeveless peplum top (JCP), $6.99/wear

OCPW: $16.19

White a Maroon--Wednesday, 6/21/17

I was going to call this outfit "What a Maroon" but serendipitously typed an even better title, one that befits the debut of this ultra-basic but really great (and cheap! I should have bought two!) t-shirt.

 *White short-sleeved T (Boutique/JCP), $5.59

OCPW: $13.17

Dotted Floral Redux--Thursday, 6/22/17

Yeah, I've worn this top + cardigan combo before, but when I decided to purge the other polka dot shirt I had planned to wear because it wasn't comfortable enough (I don't know why I bought a petite sized shirt, it was always too short so I had to futz with it like Picard without the gravitas), I went with this known-quantity substitution.

OCPW: $10.81

Still Working the 88 Cent Purple Blazer--Friday, 6/23/17

Its cost per wear is down to 18 cents and it's still going strong.  I thought I'd try bringing out the hint of purple in this paisley top with the blazer and necklace--it's a little overpowering, I think, but not in a bad way.

OCPW: $6.67

I forgot until just now that I was still in the process of sharing my Easter swag, but let's just hop back to it, OK?  Here are a set of small glasses with silly bunnies (we are using them as tooth brush glasses) and a ball ornament with Romantic rabbits.  Attempting to access the Christmas ornament supply out of season is more than my life is worth, so I have put  Perhaps in Robert's dresser-top organizer?  Well, we'll see if I find it again in December, I guess.

In other news...Finally, an excerpt from the new book in the A Song of Ice and Fire series (i.e., Game of Thrones novels) is released!

In closing, please enjoy these inspirational words from Inspirobot.

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